You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Releasing and clearing past life karmic bonds


This lifetime will unfold to you what lessons you need to learn and sometimes they come like a pattern of chaos that it’s not difficult to recognize. It is the denial of this shadow that humanity keeps falling into the trap of the darkness. The patterns of lower frequency emotions such as guilt, fear, anger, and many more negative feelings are the basis of your karmic bond. When you are trigger by someone be it a family member or stranger, stop and reflect. Connect to your higher self and ask questions to show you what karmic bond and pattern this feelings are showing you. When you ask, the answers are revealed because it is within us, the link to the universal mind and divine guidance is always with us. It is in the awareness and remembrance of where we come from that we self realized our own power and connection to all that is.

The relationship that we have with the Source has to be cultivated to nurture and grow, this deep divine connection that we are one and then we can believe that we are loved. Sometimes because of our unconscious negative beliefs about our self image and identification from our family lineage, subconscious and unconscious negative mind patterns and conditioning and past lives incarnations, we become detached to our true identity which is our soul. Our life here on Earth is a presentation of our higher self with its highest potential and magnificence. We get lost and right now is the time to remember who we truly are. We forget that we have the power to declare our given birthright to cast away, cut, release and clear any karmic bonds that is within our energetic fields. With the assistance of our Ascended Masters, angels and Archangels, Star Light Beings our spiritual guides we can evolve and tap into our higher self to shine our bright light.

Allowing this trust and flow with our divine selves, we become empowered and know that everything is taken care of. Surrendering to the flow of the universal energy and divine guidance. Letting go of our egoic mind and connecting to the silence of our hearts. “I demand to cut, release and clear any cellular memories, consciousness of unconscious and subconscious negative thoughts, patterns of beliefs, ancient bloodline lineage, past incarnations to be done right here right now with grace and love from the divine. Be it done.”

Steps into magnificence:

1. Trust the divine connection in me.

2. Allowing the flow and beauty of life.

3. Heed the call, listening to the voice.

4. Surrender to what is and the gifts.

5. Embodying love and acceptance.

6. Forgiveness and letting go of negative emotions.

7. Connect to your vibrant expression.

8. Faith in completion of our magnificent self.

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