You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Reprogramming our unconscious mind

Our unconscious mind is our records of attachments and old programming that no longer serve us. This is rooted in fear and the survival codes of humanity. As we ascend into the fifth dimension, we are given access to be our Higher Self. Fully encoded with integrity and wisdom, we are able to understand how the universal laws affect our reality. Everything is within us, we are encoded with these light codes from the Source of all that is.

We are being asked to let go and surrender the old programs, reversing polarity and we become aligned to what is true for us. When we signed up to be a way shower we were destined to serve humanity with our mastered skills. Our existence is in a multidimensional state of being and we are aligned to our core essence. We purify our thoughts with no judgements for ourselves and others. It is about vibrations and consciousness.

Our Higher Self is now anchored within, we have done the integration. We are serving the collective by radiating light and attuning them into the higher frequencies. By gaining wisdom about our ascension process, we become one unified consciousness. Freedom from the reactive world of ego, we become attuned with love. Love is the strongest power in the universe. It bonds us beyond the form and allow us to open our mind and hearts. Forgiveness, true surrender and integrity are the most important aspects to be integrated to be wholesome in our ascension. We become one with all and we realize that everything is a part of us. We are holographic fractals of the universe.

The chaos in the world is here to create a unified field. We have to collapse the way we think and reverse our polarized mind. In true essence there is no time and space, we are eternal souls. To restructure our neuro-pathways, we need to let go of our old ways of thinking. The way we think is old programing, we are being aligned with our Higher Self in order to understand the bigger picture of our existence. Access can be granted when we can prove that we are in integrity. We are aligning physical reality, not tolerating old programs. No matter what is going on around you, we break old patterns by breaking down the human ego and dissolving all dualities.

Our hearts are open, when you reach your highest potential. The chaotic reality collapses when we are awakened. We are vibrating higher and aligned to love and Light. Trust and listen to the universe. We are the gatekeepers to help assist our ascension process. As evolved conscious beings we hold the codes for our new civilization. To help others remember their true essence. We need to integrate within ourselves and we will co-create a new highly vibrational frequency of mother earth.

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