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See Darkness For What It is

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Seeing the darkness for what it is, is about seeing beyond the shadows that darkness presents itself. It is a space with absence of light. When we simplify the meaning of the word, we release attachment or judgement. We are going through a lot of darkness right now in our world. We need to be reminded that this is a spiritual test for all of us. How can we overcome this heavy cloud that is upon us? We have to start with having pure eyes and new perception.

First darkness is a part of us, like yin and yang we have darkness like a brother to our evolution of consciousness. Our divine feminine energy, the receptivity in us will help heal or shadows. We have to acknowledge this shadow where it is coming from, is it within you? Or attached to you? Once we discovered what we are dealing with like anger, greed, jealousy, lust, these emotions that has lower frequency of vibrations will show us the way to liberation. This particular emotion will be our catalyst for transformation. Face what you have and allow this to melt down by doing a ritual with the Masters of Light. This force field that you are creating with the intention of releasing and clearing these energies will help you see and be the light.

Steps in releasing darkness:

  1. Before you do this ritual, prepare your space. Light a candle, meditate, invoke the Ascended Masters, spiritual guides and teams that you work with. Have your intention ready and know what kind of shadows you are dealing with. Do not judge yourself. Do not resist. Just be. Have your journal ready.
  2. Open your Akashic Records and invoke, “Lords of the Akashic Records, please open my book of life, my name is _____________state your legal full name. Create a safe and sacred space for my highest good and healing.”
  3. Start your prayer, ” Forces of Light, Benevolent Masters and my spiritual teams and guides assist me in releasing my shadows and darkness. These energies namely __________for example: anger, guilt, depression, lust, sloth, greed, pride, jealousy, desires, attachment, doubt, hatred.
  4. “I ask these energies to go back to the Source of love and light. Or transmute to the core of mother earth Gaia. As I now release these energies, I ask the Lords of Karma and the Lords of the Akashic Records to please rewrite my soul’s evolution and be it done. I sealed this agreement with the power and force field of the sacred geometrical form of Merkabah. And so it is.”
  5. Thank the Masters that had worked with you, “thank you , thank you and thank you for this portal of healing, Lords of Akashic Records and Lords of Karma please close my book of life.  And so it is.” Remember to close your Akashic Records every time you open it.
  6. You have now created a clear and clean flow of energy with your soul’s vibrations in the Akashic Records.
  7. The universe will test you and give you situations that will show the same pattern of your attachments. Do not be afraid, be strong and focus. Know that you are always guided and protected. As you become stronger in your faith and totally surrender yourself to service. You will find your life more at peace and in bliss.
  8. Manifestations of your creative expression will take place as you become lighter and synchronicity will be in your energy fields.
  9. Be at peace with the dark, they are here to help us transmute these energies that had been upon us aeons of time.
  10. We are the spiritual warrior of Light. Be faithful and surrender to your calling.

Blessings of miracles,


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