You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Seeing Through the Eyes of the Creator


There are two main emotional signatures in our barometer of our vibrations and frequency, that will tell us if we are in alignment to our true light. These are love and fear. They are like continuum of spectrum of light and shadows. Fear would be at the end scale of the barometer and love on the higher scale of vibrations in our energy levels. When we are in the energy of love, we are light and happy. Our body vibrates and glow. When we are in fear, we are in the dark, or shadow, we dimmed our light. We contract and become small.

Our consciousness is like a vessel where it holds the vibrations of our frequency. We need to be aware what type of vibrations we are bringing in to our lives. We have to be conscious enough to know that we are responsible for everything that happens in our lifetimes. We have the freewill and choices to navigate our consciousness towards the light spectrum of our barometer.

What are the process of shifting our consciousness and transforming the shadows that are not serving our highest good? It is not an easy thing to do, especially when we are surrounded by chaos and difficult people around us. Before we can be in this space of being one, we are called to experience separation from ourselves and others. This is what I called detachment process. We need to experience that everything in our life is like a movie projection. We are the projectors of this movie that we create through the lenses of our own eyes.

Our mind that create thoughts come from the vast universal mind that created us. We are part of this expansive creation. We co create everything in parallel universes and multi-dimensions. To tapped into our multi-dimensional selves, we need to experience freedom from our own physical, mental and emotional bodies. How can we see through the eyes of the creator? We have to understand what are the components of creation. When we find clarity then we can co create magnificent lives, feel abundant and secure of our existence, have inner peace, true bliss, love and joy.

The process of creation:

1. The projector– our souls are the projectors with written blueprints in our Akashic Records. We created every thing that happened to us based from different timelines, dimensions and realities: from our past lives, vows, contracts, and agreements that we had partaken in our past, our karma and how we create the cycle of lifetimes, our conscious, unconscious and  sub-conscious mind. Our present moments are the timeline that can guide us if we are in alignment with our higher self. The future Ascended Master that we are creating are also here in these Records as we master our lessons and embody our divine blueprints. We have the power to release, clear and delete any files in our Akashic Records that are not in alignment to our our higher selves. To have new files, data or programs that will activate our highest potential to install in our data bank.

2. Our thoughts are receivers of the information that is stored in the data bank of our Akashic Records, consciously and unconsciously through out timelines, dimensions and realities. We are receiving information, knowledge and wisdom as we tapped into our Records. That is why it is important to know, understand and heal our Soul’s Records and contracts to have thoughts that are in alignment with our higher self. When we have confusion, unconscious negative beliefs, patterns and conditioning from our ancient lineage, bloodlines and DNA, scattered thoughts that are vibrating in lower frequency, our mental and emotional bodies are blocked to create magnificent things. Awareness of our thoughts if it’s positive or negative is important to recalibrate our vibrations and become responsible to choose wisely thoughts that will not harm us.

3. Our emotions are guideposts to what is happening in our internal terrain. When the thoughts passes by and when we identify with these thoughts, we suddenly feel these in our heart and energetic body. They are very attune with each other. For example anger, when we start thinking negative thoughts about the other person, we suddenly feel rush of blood in our veins and sometimes we turn red. We feel this emotion around our gut and heart telling us that we are being wronged. Our boundaries are trespassed. Where are these emotions coming from? They are sum of all our experiences, not only in this lifetime but other timelines. We need to pull the roots of anger before we can feel inner peace. We need to heal and be able to forgive ourselves and others. Forgiveness is about disengaging ourselves from all

cords of attachments and entanglements from those situations and people that are not serving our highest and best version.

4. Our filters are our eyes and souls that can see through our mirrors. If our filters are dirty or cloudy, like the lenses in our projectors then we are going to create and project situation in our lifetime that are not vibrating in light and love. Our vibrations will be running in low frequency and it will create drama, conflict, separation and hardships. How can we tell that our filters are not working? When we have difficulties, challenges and when we are not happy. Our true nature is being happy and loving. We become contaminated with our illusions of the ego. Our stories that we write will be our eye opener to know if we are living our higher self. Our eyes are the windows of our souls. To see through the eyes of of God or Creator, we need to have compassion and forgiveness toward ourselves and others. Our humility will take us there. When we understand that whatever is in our current situation is our creation and  we know that the other person that makes us angry is a part of us, then we can release this energetic cord that takes us to darkness. Find the shadow or fear then look at the opposite of this spectrum and go towards the path of light.

Prayer to Archangel Michael

Imagine this beautiful blue light around you, the blue Ray and feel a blue cloak around you, warmth and comforting blanket around your shoulders, neck and back. Visualize Archangel Michael standing in front of you carrying his blue sword with his armored chest. He is very strong and powerful force of the light. We ask Archangel Michael to cut any cords, attachments, entanglements,  shadows that are not calibrating in light, casting demons and entities that are attached to our souls, cut the cords of ropes around our neck that have suffocated us in other timelines, universes, other planets and stars. To cut any energetic cords of sadness, griefs and anger that we have been suffering from because we have not accepted ourselves. We ask Archangel Michael to free us from suppression and give us freedom. Give us this beautiful  endearment that opens our hearts and be able to  speak our  truth that purifies our hearts and souls. Give us the light that will make us feel loved, heal and clear our thoughts in all our cellular levels of memories and consciousness, bring your blue light around our brain cells, tissues and membranes and bring sparks to our electrical neuro-pathways that will activate light and joy. Bring us back to paradise where the angels are playing, bring us home where we feel loved and safe, and seal every crevices of our existence with this beautiful blue light that will shed every darkness and shadows that are attached to us. We now cast all these negative energies that we no longer need to to go back to the source of love and light.

Envision Archangel Michael standing in front of you handing his Blue Light Sword, and he commands “and now you are free, always protected and loved!”

Thank you , thank you , thank you. And so it is.

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