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Serve as if no one is looking!


Life is but a dream! I woke up today and find myself asking what do I want to write, usually I write when I feel the channel is open and there’s nothing much to do at hand like work. For me I love nature and it had penetrated my core being, walking in nature brings me to this soft place that I’m one in the universe and the cellular memory of my being. Whatever that means, it’s funny how life gives you these profound words but there is actually no words that can describe the beauty and love that I feel when I’m in nature. Don’t procrastinate about your walks just do it, there’s nothing more important than the love for yourself and the connection of your spirit in living this lifetime.

We are at a lost world, where people are surrounding themselves of the “busyness” and excuses not to be in the spirit. They have inclinations to be on the other side like doing or working than “being” or just let it be. We are so afraid of letting go and listening to our own spirit. We are not alone in this nature of humanness but we are all in it. Because of what we have created in the mind field we are soaking in this mud of illusions not being able to see and breathe our own truth.Wake up to the truth and what is truth when we are blind, we can not see nor we can hear. When all along it was within us, our DNA codes, is ever and always linked to God’s divine consciousness because we are one with the creator and the creation is us. There is no separation in this dimension that I tap we are one!

Our daily lives is consume of “what I’m getting here? what is it for me?” syndrome. Stop the insanity you are continuously generating the same self that has been searching for the false illusion of self which is ego. There  is nothing that you  need that is not within you and within your reach. The heart is in you and this beautiful organ of love is the heartbeat of humanity, only when they stop suffocating their hearts with pain and suffering. There is no suffering, this is created in the mind and the thoughts that you generate in this toxic mind manufactures the toxicity that you are in right now.

In order for the Earth to nurture your souls you have to surrender to her majestic beauty. The nature is her children just like the mother archetypal energy of your species, she protects, nurture, love and care for her children. When we are in tune within our inner and higher selves we are together aligning our energies with mother Earth. There is no separation that is created, no anger or pain between the mother and children. Because of our pain bodies we are not able to see beyond the drama and sufferings that we are dealing with.

The only way to be able to establish a peaceful world is not to alienate anyone or any country between us, to completely surrender and say we are with you. The fact that Iran is the only one that is not congruent with the United countries effort to stop the nuclear disarmament is because Iran is like one of our children, it doesn’t feel connected because of the separation and the pain body that they are in,. Therefore the only solution to help this country realized that we are all the same is to give her more love and listen to her fears. Recognized the fear and the pain that this country holds and open your heart to discussions without judgement or alienation.

We are all children of this planet and when you look at others as separated you are still in the same place of separation. Listen to your words if they are coming form this space of judgement, fear or pain it is not healing nor helping others. Just like these countries our lives are  literally mirrored in our relationships with our own children when we stop looking at them as separated or judgements that are not helping them realized their highest potentials we are still in the same agenda of fear. Wake up and smell the coffee. Go for a hike in nature  listen with your hearts open. The ego had greatly blinded you and forgot that all these issues stem from one space, the space of mind consciousness. There  is no time to waste, we need to face realities with different light and perspective. You can not save the world you can only save yourself . Begin within your circle of friends, community, family in sharing your truth. There is no shame in being who you are and showing the light that is within yourself. There  is no judgement in your part and why you even worry about their judgements. The only judge is just an illusion purely coming from the mind consciousness. You see how much garbage we put in our mind, thinking we know better, not  knowing the answers are all within., Love others as you love yourselves.

Our times is accelerating fast, our karmic resolution is here. Be one with others and you are one with yourself. Everything that you see is your creation, live within your means and be in nature. Listen and talk to your animals, they are telling you something that is more profound than your thoughts. There is no ego within these creations and they are pure beings that had come in disguise of animal costumes. They are close to nature, beings, and no judgements upon them. We need to reflect within, there is no more searching because the truth lies inside of us.

With these words of wisdom I bless this planet and all the beings that are here to experience true love that is oneness. With all the sham and drudgery we can live beyond these mental forms of sufferings and elevate our consciousness to our ascension. Our “Eden theory” of creation and beginning of times is here recreating our times when we are connected to nature, plants, animals and beings. The paradise is regained when we align to the new energy of love and light. We are here in this era of new energy, open your eyes and lift the veils of illusions to its clarity. The clouds of illusions are gone, we are seeing the truth and we are experiencing the acceleration of time and space. Be aware of the changes and be the change yourselves. Do your part and the rest will follow, the rippling effect of your actions speaks louder than the words that come from your mouth for the world is listening with their eyes and seeing with their ears. The paradox of everything, separation is not here only the illusions of them all. Once recognized and self realized then one is going to be align with their actions and surrender to all that is given.

The communication lines are now  open, when you let go and allow this in your being. The only way you can fulfill your mission or souls purpose is totally surrendering to what you are being called for and given. Be happy and accept the gifts of wisdom that you are bestowed. Take the time to meditate in nature and continually humble yourselves to all the knowledge that is hidden within you and surrender to all the beauty of it all. The Goddess energy is embedded within your cellular tissues and memory. You are never alone in this work of love and light, your Ascended Masters, teachers of light and loved ones surrounds you energetically whenever you are aware and one within your selves. There is no more hiding of your true light, for the world in darkness needs your light to walk in this path. Serve as if no one is looking, for the fruits of your labor is at hand.



  1. Thanks for a great post and interesting comments. I found this post while surfing for some lyrics. Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. body detoxing 9 years ago

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  3. Author
    Teza Zialcita 9 years ago

    thank you for your support and I’m inspired to write because I feel that I give back to the world and humanity to heal and love.


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