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Session Testimonials

Client Testimonials

I met Teza in a Crystal Store. I was telling the owner about my dream of how I was assigned an Angel called Terra-cotta. Teza overheard our conversation & spoke up. She said that she would love to do a reading for me. Teza did an Akashic Reading for me. This changed my life. It was like a portal was opened & I shifted into another dimension. I felt large cement blocks shifting & moving. This was followed by more shifting & releasing, like aftershocks or tremors from the initial earth quake,  as I continued to shed my blocks. Teza was the trigger that helped me break free. There’s no turning back now. My life has instantly accelerated in my spiritual understanding as the clarity grows brighter. I said to myself,” this must be Nirvana!” I learned how to
Light-IN-Up. Thank you gracious goddess of angelic light “TEZA” <3

– Cheri

Oh my dear Teza,

I couldn’t describe how many wonderful things happened after my Akashic Records with you. My life, my destiny, my miracle, my spirit is unfolding to me with great surprises and gifts. I am so grateful to have your catalytic assistance and love that encourage me to knock and open the door of my talent and insight. It’s all about self respect and acceptance. Your calmed my frightened, manipulative, and anger inner child with gracious love. At the moment when I agreed to surrender, my inner child starts to glow and attract her comrades with the most beautiful light. I have been looking for my soul purpose for such a long time. But today, it found me. Yes, it found me. I feel so peaceful and joyful with it as if I have known it since I was born. Why would I seek? I am already dancing with my soul purpose. All I need to do is be present. Enjoy the dance.

Oh Teza, you beautiful mirror, thank you for entering my life with great love and warmth. I love your radiant smile and eyes that reflect how bright your soul is. I see me, no, I see the whole universe from your light.

With eternal love and gratitude,

– Ada…da da da!

It’s been an amazing journey of discovery in all aspects of my life since that healing session with you. Transformation and finding my voice and letting go of the limiting beliefs and patterns is not an easy thing to do. I’ve learned through you and from you that I can transcend all of this by looking inward and finding that true me by reflecting, discerning, and then bringing my passions out and applying them. Applying them and doing continuous work on myself and being more conscious and aware of those decisions and trusting my gut instincts and my heart.
It has allowed me to heal and move forward in giant leaps and bounds and the foundation of it all is love and positivity. I learn from and acknowledge the negativity from the nature of duality in our lives in this 3d reality we live in. Thank you so much for helping me find that switch and the lessons I’ve learned from you are beautiful and filled with so many blessings. I continue to read and go back to your book for my regular nourishment. Namaste.
Love and Light, Mike Pestano

My healing with Teza surpassed my greatest expectations. I feel that the healing was truly very strong and real. I had been struggling with a very challenging emotional process which had been ongoing for months. When the session was over I felt a major shift in my whole body, and I could tangibly feel alot of new healing energy. After the session, I cried a lot the next morning, and then felt completely fine from then on. Something really deep had shifted in me. My personal sense of self-worth, clarity, peace and a new ability to be compassionate and understanding towards others started filling in really strong. Breakthroughs followed after that, many in a process. I didn’t know that a healing like that could work so well. I have stopped crying every day, and my life feels easy to navigate and there’s a new peace settling in deep within me. Without this help I would still be in pain. Thank you Teza, I manifested you from my highest soul purpose of the divine. How blessed I am.

– Lunaya Shekinah

I am so grateful to have been guided to the Beacon of Light of Teza‘s abode . Teza you have brought so much compassion , guidance into my life . Your love & joy for life is an inspiration to me , you are showing me that nothing is impossible for all of us who chose to fully open our heart and our mind to a greater reality , that our universe  is full of Divine Love & Light and we’re all part of that whole . I so love to share with people about you when they build up enough courage to ask me what brought about that huge shift in my life and seeing the light in their eyes.
Thank you Teza ! For everything that you do , for the Shinning Light of your Heart Thank you !! 
– Chantal MacLeod

Teza is Love. Teza is Light. Teza is a bright star that lights the darkness of the sky. I have spent many years in this darkness searching for light, and thank God I was guided to Teza. She is able to see the light in everyone. She can see ones true potential and provides the tools so we can recognize it in ourself. She knew that I needed to feel loved and accepted in order to heal my pains, so she loved and accepted me like her own son; and this is how she treats everyone. She sees through eyes that ordinary people don’t see through, for her vision is unobstructed with no judgement or bias…she is an extraordinary human being.

– James Leard

Just being in Teza’s presence is healing – you get to see and feel what it is to be in bliss and harmony with the world. Her laughter and unconditional good mood is beautiful to watch and learn from. Aside from that she was able to *really* see me, and reflect that back, which is all we really need to heal from who we are not into who we truly are. Teza is such a blessing. Love you lots!

– Franco Cado

Teza is a gifted and intuitive healer, who has calm and clear energy, and an incredible ability to “read”. She is very skilled and her intuition runs deep. I’m very grateful for her care and I highly recommend her. Thanks Teza!

– Joanne Detwiler ; Entrepreneur, Teacher, Adventurer, Business Manager

In addition to being a Akashic Records Master Teza has an amazing sense of clairvoyance. Teza sees your soul and responds in such a healing and positive way….Love you Teza Your friend and student Sue

– Susan Stefanyshyn ; Productions Accountant at 21st Century Fox

I felt an instant connection of love and support from Teza. She gave me clear, concise guidelines to teach me to access my own Akashic Records. It was a wonderful session that was very empowering. I wish she lived closer 🙂 Love and Blessing

– Nicole Adamonis : Freelance Esthetician at Clinica Ivo Pitanguy

It was my first time having an Akashic Records session.  Teza, being the sweet soul that she is, made the experience a truly memorable one.   I was able to release a lot of things that were holding me back.  It was a liberating, comforting, and spiritual experience.  I highly recommend having an Akashic Records session as it has helped me put my heart at ease and gave me a burst of positive energy/freedom that I was seeking.  I felt pure peace, sense of healing and love right after the session.  Teza was very personable, sweet, caring, honest, and a genuine person who sincerely cares about people.  In addition, her amazing qualities make it very easy to connect with her through this spiritual journey.  I am thankful for this experience and in meeting Teza.  I’m looking forward in working with Teza in the near future to learn how to access my own Akashic Records.  Thank you Teza!  Love, light, and blessings to you always

– Jennifer Wade – RN

Teza is a non-stop hardworking person who truly has a passion for what she does. She is focused when she needs to be and is very direct and clear in communicating her project tasks. Definitely a people person who can connect with anyone. As a close friend as well, I am excited to continue collaborating to help set up her books and promote her work to humanity.

– Cheryl Ticne : Information Designer, Pattern Illustrator, Organizer

I am so grateful to the universal intelligence because I have been guided to powerful souls who embrace the light, such as Teza. I feel deeply blessed to be working and assisted on the development of my spiritual path with such a caring, loving being of light.

I feel deeply in tune with the universal intelligence since I met Teza, she inspired me since the first day I met her on her workshop expo, body & soul, Oct. 2013, as she knew deeply aspects of my being and soul which are predominantly in my birth chart.

Teza’s strong performance at the expo as a spiritual teacher, and instrument of source for guidance resulted in wanting me to work with her with my Akashic Records. After meditating and working on healing aspects of myself through Teza’s energy healing at the expo, I experienced a great peace, hope and faith with my divine soul purpose and my soul mission.

Teza was able to recognize within me the inherent ability to be assisted and always surrounded by ascended masters, angels and archangels. After my first Akashic Records healing session I experienced strong miracles in my life. Also I felt a deep connection with the spirit realm, which got strengthened through my meditation practice and my own personal awakening in my life journey; As a result, I witnessed the realms through intense psychic phenomena. I was ready to be fully open into the realms, acquiring a new state of consciousness through Teza’s gifted healing abilities. As a result, I got closer to my divine connection with all that is. I have gained infinite light and faith in my divine soul & life mission as a starseed through the powerful strong communication I have with the spirit realm.

Psychic development, synchronicities, angelic numbers, and strong miracles through manifestation have been part of my new self as I feel deeply aligned with source.

Thank you Teza, for serving as a guidance and instrument of pure light and divine love.

– Mr. Gemini in Mars

Teza has unique gifts; she is open to the universal wisdom and downloads it. She simplifies the details so they are understood. Remarkable healing and somehow with her healing issues are resolved miraculously!

Kisma Sinno
Hypnotherapist, Angel reader

She’s a fierce goddess with the loving touch of an angel.

Teza Ziaclita is a friend, lover, sisters, mother, auntie, healer to whomever she meets. She is so enthusiastic and authentic about healing and giving her presence with all who come to her. Her wisdom is effortless and delivered with such joy. I aspire to be like her.”

– Dianna David

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