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Akashic Records Healing Session

With Teza Zialcita

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“In addition to being a Akashic Records Master Teza has an amazing sense of clairvoyance. Teza sees your soul and responds in such a healing and positive way….Love you Teza Your friend and student Sue”

– Susan Stefanyshyn

“I felt an instant connection of love and support from Teza. She gave me clear, concise guidelines to teach me to access my own Akashic Records. It was a wonderful session that was very empowering.”

– Nicole

Requirements before the healing session:

No alcohol or drugs consumption before or during the healing.

Prepare your questions and intentions for the healing session.

If you have any questions, please call 1 (778) 238-8884 or email

Healing through Akashic Records is an amazing soul journey that is a tool in manifestation of your highest potential in this lifetime. It is a living library of your soul and when open it heals you and rewrite what is written because you are consciously healing as you get access to the Records. It is guarded by the Lords of the Akashic Records and protected, when you ask for access through the help of the Ascended Masters, Archangels and angels, other spiritual guides you will tap into your soul Records and heal.They help you align to your soul’s purpose and heal you from your blockages and impediments in this Third dimensional lifetime. Releasing unconscious negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns. Fear and the lower negative vibrations will be release and will bring awareness, which is the first step in your evolution of consciousness.

There is a Sacred prayer that is the path through the heart of the Akashic Records and anyone can have this access when you are vibrationaly ready to allow this in your field of space. The people that comes in contact with the Akashic Records are souls that are ready to heal in their core being with truth and integrity. The truth is not an easy path and surely this path will take you to the deepest abyss of your cellular memories, consciousness and healing of your blood lineage. Healing takes place and you are being brought to remember who you truly are to the core of your existence. The guides will continue to work with you as long as you journey with them and open your Records. Healing is a process and the more you gain access the faster you will receive the grace of love and light. Your shadows will be revealed to you and situations will come along as you learn the wisdom and lesson of this karma. To be able to release this in your energetic fields you have to be able to let go and create or choose a new pattern of thoughts, beliefs and behavior. As long as you continue to choose the dark side you will see that same situations comes along with different players in the drama. Your life will spiral downward if you don’t listen and pave the path to your ascension. But it’s your freewill to choose if you want to incarnate and create the cycle of karma and suffer. Why choose that way when you can have access to your truth, love and way toward peace?

Energetically, the Ascended Masters and other spiritual guides works into your cellular level and as the one who receives the healing will feel this energetic transfer in the present moment. Working consciously in your present situation, you are going to be presented with what you needed at the right moment of your lifetime. The vibrational frequency that you are receiving is of love and light, it heals the deepest wound of your soul. There is a vision of your past lives that will connect to you in order to heal what is blocking you in the present moment.

You will evolve as a conscious light being and one in all creations, expansive and enlightened. Peaceful in all ways, lighthearted and joyfully surrendering to the great manifestations of this lifetime. Miracles will manifest right in your eyes and your soul will be filled with love, joy and peace. The fulfilled life is when you can see through the drama and sufferings of others and be one in all manifestations of this humanity, be it negative or positive, you are in the flow of life with inner peace and bliss. Healing takes place and you are being brought to remember who you truly are to the core of your existence. The essence of your soul and suddenly you will see beyond the veil and find that inner peace that you are looking for. There is no more separation but oneness with all that is, this is coming from the field of unified consciousness.

The feeling of being loved and happiness that is one with all creations is truly a remarkable space. That is why I continue to serve others to share this tool of healing and I’m in honor that you are choosing me to be your soul guide in your soul’s path. Looking forward to be a part of your awesome magnificent self!

Blessings of miracles,


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