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Sexuality and spirituality is one

I went into a new moon meditation and was lead by these amazing healers Irena and Sasha. What an incredible experience that was. I was taken back to a very old timeline where I saw a temple surrounded by huge pillars, with dead barren trees, black birds flying and animals in stillness. The scenery was intense and there was a smell of death and darkness. I was dressed in a white cloak over my head and a skull beside me. Standing over a stage holding a stuff with a skull. It was draught, I was looking at a distance feeling lost and waiting for the arrival of the beloved. Suddenly my head was heavily turning as if someone was pulling my head back. Then, I saw a headdress was being put around my head made of steel. I stood up like a queen feeling the honor and prestige that was given to me. Then a liquid golden Light was inside this container in a form of the sacred geometry of the Masonry. It was sealed and waiting for it to be exposed, with the right timing and the return of the beloved it will be opened to the public.

I went home and was too tired to contemplate. Today I typed Mary Magdalene in You Tube as Irena was showing us pictures of her pilgrimage. I stumbled and found out about this writer Megan Watterson, she wrote Revealed about Mary Magdalene. Listening to her I knew then that this vision has something to do with my pilgrimage about my sacred sexuality. I have been writing about this book and not exposing my writings to the public. Of all my writings, I asked myself, “why am I not sharing this to others?” The answer was because I felt this is raw, my dark wounds in healing my sexuality.

The vision that I had spoke to my soul, I was asking myself, “why was I in that dark space of total abandonment and death?” Waiting for my beloved and that golden liquid light inside the sealed container, what was that about? This is the message that I received. Like Mary Magdalene who was scorned as prostitute, I feel raw and vulnerable in sharing my sexuality and darkness because of shame and judgement that people will label me. But by hiding this golden light inside this sealed container is like isolating this healing, knowledge and wisdom from others who are dying of thirst and darkness. I was keeping the golden wisdom to myself and watch others be consumed with their own darkness.

The baring of my soul is to open and share this liquid golden Light of Christ consciousness be upon us to help illuminate that our sexuality is sacred. To truly reveal my own darkness is the brightest Light that I can ever give to others soul’s journeys.  In isolating this sexual journey, I separated myself from those who are also suffering. It  dawn on me that there is no separation from spirituality and sexuality. It is the spiritual energy that we can have fully access to the orgasmic and cosmic divinity of our existence.

It is the shattered egoic manipulations and control that made sexuality a taboo. It became unsacred. People became ignorant of what is sacred. Our bodies are sacred and sexuality is sacred as this is a path in which we can climax with divine surrender to our body and be in divine union with the sacred spirit. This is the beginning of revelation to where I am and how I can be of a true service to raise the vibrations of sacred sexuality. To embrace that my body is a divine instrument and that there is no separation between spirituality and sexuality. It is one living spiritual energy that is to be revered and keep sacred.

I pray that by writing this hidden darkness, it will help others in their own navigation with Light. How to transcend the limiting judgement, shame and guilt that our society had put on our sexuality? How we can embrace that we are sacred divine living spiritual beings inside this body? That we are one and everything that we do serves as a rippling water of healing within this body of water. We are these droplets of water in the vast ocean of love. We quench this thirst of knowing, from my own darkness to yours. May we find stillness and peace that we are always loved in the darkness of the wombs of our mothers. We were never separated from this divine Light of divinity. Our darkness is Light for those who are not seeing their own truth. Let darkness guides you into your liquid golden Light of Christ that lives within you. You are sacred!

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