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Akashic Records Soul Healing

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Akashic Records are your soul’s vibrations from all lifetimes in all dimensions, space, time and realities. It is a living library of your soul, that is interactive in your life right now. This is the blueprint of your soul’s journey. All your thoughts, words, emotions, actions, intentions, and imprints are recorded in your soul’s book of life. This sacred path of an opening is through a sacred prayer of forgiveness and empathic release of low frequencies of energies that are blocking you from a space of true happiness and fulfillment in life.

What are the requirements for your reading? 

Do not drink alcohol or take any street drugs before your session. Create an intention for the healing. What do you want to heal or reconcile with others? Create a list of open-ended questions that will help you find some clarity. Trust and open your heart and mind to have a deeper healing session.

Samples of questions to ask:

– What are your blockages in this lifetime?

– How can you heal these blockages?

– What are your vows, contracts, and agreements that are stopping you from being successful?

– What are your past lives that are triggered in the present moment?

– What are your Sacred Contracts?

– How can you see the bigger picture of these contracts?

– How can you move forward?

– What is your life’s purpose?

– How to create an abundant life?

– How to find inner peace and balance?

– How can you expand your career?

– How can you heal your relationships with others?

How does a session look like? 

We start with a meditation and invocation of our spiritual guides to create a safe and sacred space. I do the energy scanning, take notes and explain what I had received. Sometimes your loved ones that had passed on can come and give messages (mediumship). There are also past lives that occur that are relevant to what is happening to your current moment. Channeled messages from my spiritual guides and yours are also being conveyed. This session is interactive so you can ask questions anytime. Then at the end of the session, we are going to do the healing. I will share the energy healing with the assistance of the Ascended Masters and angels, we are being given the grace to receive these blessings.

What are the benefits of opening your Records?

You will receive information that will help you understand why things are happening to you and what you can do to release these blockages. It is a life changing experience. Your blueprint will direct and guide you on what is the best actions to take and how you can manifest your heart’s desires. You will have your soul’s perspective why you had incarnated here and what are the major lessons in life. You will tap into your highest potential. There are limitless possibilities that you can take in this lifetime, but you are the captain of your ship. You will be given answers and you will direct the course of your life with your choices.

What do you do after the session?

After the session, I advise you to drink a lot of water, ground yourself by eating or walking, and have a salt bath due to accessing the higher frequencies we want to anchor our spirit into our body and ground ourselves. Within a week of this session you will find some shifts and changes in your reality, it can come as a surprise but don’t worry we ask that our sessions and clearing will take place in an effortless manner with grace and ease.

Blessings of miracles,



This is not a medical intervention, it is an attunement to increase your sense of well-being.  If you are receiving medical attention from a Dr. please do not discontinue what you are receiving. I am not on any sense liable for your choices. Thank you so much for your interest in this method of healing.


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