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Mentorship to reach your Highest Potential

$ 1,999.00


I am honored to be your spiritual guide to help you fulfill your heart’s desires and soul’s purpose.

What is a spiritual guide? For me it is someone that you can talk to and confide your deepest secrets without feeling judged. A true spiritual mentor that can help you find answers in your healing and shadows. The one that you trust and know that this person with help you in your search and be there for you. A spiritual guide is a friend that has the knowledge, wisdom and experience to lead a better life. We are one team inspiring each other to be the best version of our selves. Thank you for your commitment to be with me and I honor your presence in my life. 

My intention in creating this is to empower your soul. As I reach my highest potential in this lifetime, I am so honored and passionate to guide others in their walking path. To give inspiration that if I can do it, you surely can do it too and more. I love seeing others succeed in their chosen paths. I am dedicating my time, energy and gifts to share this to you. Looking forward to our play and work together!

What are you receiving in these 8 weeks?

We will have an hour session once a week for 6 weeks. This can take over via phone, Skype or personal.

These topics are going to be explore in our 8 weeks together:

1. Learning how to access your own Akashic Records. Journaling with your records for 6 weeks.
2. Teaching on our spiritual guides, Ascended Masters, angels,  and spiritual teams.
3. Teaching on releasing blockages, cords, hooks, drains, karmic bondages, and attachments.
4. Writing your core values, intention, vision, mission and life story.
5. Teaching on how to access others Akashic Records.
6. Honing your skills, practice and directions on your creations.

Benefits in these 8 weeks:

1. Learn how to access your own Akashic Records. You will learn how to journal with the Masters.

2. Creating your intention, mission statement and core values in life.

3. Clarity and focus of your creative expression.

4. Best Mindset and maintaining a positive self.

5. Unblock your fears, blockages in all aspects of being.

6. Accelerate your self-esteem.

7. Learning successful habits.

8. Heal your soul and other unresolved issues.

9. Develop and heighten your gifts and wisdom.

10. Create a master plan for the best version of yourself.


  1. As a complimentary gift, you will receive a pdf copy of my 2 books:

           Universal Conscious Self and Ions of Manifestation

       2. Business Mastery complimentary tickets to

           Colin Sprake’s 3 Days Bootcamp


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