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Today I was waken up by my angels and wonder what do they want? As my usual practice I don’t resist anymore and just totally surrender to this calling. I opened my you tube site and got connected to Wayne Peterson, who I’ve never heard of and he talked about The MAITREYA..research on it and stumbled on this site MISSION  OF MAITREYA eternal Divine path. The synchronicity of this is about my birthday gift to myself when I channelled this message and found a symbol of a STAR LOTUS and created a program with CLEAR as a method of clearing illusion and blockages to be who you are suppose to be, in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

There is no coincidence, we are in this dimension and field of times that humanity’s collective consciousness has the longing for true peace and love towards our family of humanity. As long as there is separation, division of thoughts, politics, religion…peace is not going to be here. Because peace is born out of union of collective consciousness. Obama is a sign  of times that Americans are unifying their discriminations to each other and the other countries. This is an amazing times of our species, it is in our hands and feet on how we are going to reach out and walk this talk of PEACE and UNITY. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is an archetype of EGO, in form they talk about peace but they are full of FEAR that other countries will overpower them and so they have to ATTACK others to be in CONTROL. They manipulate and attack, this is not a work of PEACE and LOVE. When their country unified as one spirit in love and forgiveness, they will find what they are searching for. Which is what everyone is searching for. Peace is here, find it inside yourself.

INNER PEACE has to emerge in order to have global peace. You can only take care of yourself, you can not save the whole world. Save yourself and you help save the world in many thousands ways. The ripple effect of your peace will bring LIGHT to the UNIVERSE. The LAW OF LOVE, do unto yourself what you want others do unto you. FIRST yourself then others, not a selfish act but an act of HONOR to the DIVINE because you are created by God then you must honor thy ART and CREATION which is yourself. There is a profound PARADIGM SHIFT in this formula of LOVE. The difference is putting yourself first, there is no such thing as SUFFERING humanity created this out separation and ego. We are about love because God is love. We can only give unconditional love when we love ourselves unconditionaly. But the SEED of LOVE has to emerge just like a seed under the ground it has to have a breakthrough, an earthquake to awaken the seed of a FLOWER OF LIFE. When the ground opens for this emergence then the seed becomes transformed to a plant which gets unconditional love from nature. There is no help from others allowing nature to exist. The flower then blooms and embody fragrance of its own beauty. Just like our soul, the seed is here in us and we can only bloom enjoy our fragrance when we we allow this nature of love. Not controlling, manipulating, but allowing our truth, love and blissful space to commence in this lifetime.

KRISHNAMURTI is one of my true teacher, speaker of TRUTH and UNIFIED CONSCIOUSNESS! GAIA is in your hands, the MOTHER becomes the CHILD. Hold her, care for her and allow her to rest in order to give more of her love to us. We are to honor our VESSEL and us a vessel of grace and love, I give to you all my blessings of PEACE and LOVE.

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