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I’ve been practicing the Tao teachings and the 56’th verse is about the SILENT KNOWING which says “the one who talks does not know and the one who knows does not talk!” it’s quite paradoxical in a sense that you would think that the person who gives advice usually knows but this verse says it’s the opposite. It teaches me to be centered, living in the midst of unconscious people but keeping my mouth shut about their behavior, because when I’m truly wise then I know for sure that the progress of someone’s soul is not my job but to be the space of love that they needed to be around with. It’s not what I do or say that will change them but it’s simply my presence and this way I lose attachment to my ego at the same time because I’m not attach to my need to be right. I used to be forceful about my views and this doesn’t help me come across with the other person’s perception as wise but the opposite.

I find this in parenting with my children that when I listen to them the relationship works better than when I’m imposing what I think I know to be right for them. They hear me when I’m in silence and there is great respect with each other. My children brings me wisdom on how to be a better person and hopefully I bring to them wisdom on how to be a better parent. These are my true gifts in life which are like treasures to my soul. My spending time talking, listening, playing and engaging, being present and knowing what they are going through, encouraging and supporting what their passions in life are, many beautiful gifts that are not bought but embedded in our journeys together.

So now that I know for sure that I don’t need to force anything but living in the Tao is simply living with the flow of life and knowing that you are “IT”, puts me in a space of love and true essence. That all we have is the present moment not the past, nor the future that we put in our heads. This is it and when you’re with someone it is always a gift to practice your presence by being the OBSERVER of your self and the reactions and emotions that you feel in the moment. There’s no need to wear masks of fears or worries that if others will approve of you and your opinions. You become the truth that speaks of love which brings unity and not separation. There is no more room for hatred and differences between each other, everything melts down unifying you with the other person in the spirit of love. The silent knowing that prevails will bring fruits to your life and expands your dimension to the universe and consciousness.

There is no harm to others and your ego will be in silence because once and for all you’ve come into self realization that life is but a dream and this dream will depend on what you dream about. Would you like to dream about love and peace or rather be in fear and hatred? This is the question you want to reflect and be aware of the subtle cues in your everyday living. The people in your life are gifts give them all your love and knowing that silence is power and love is everything.

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  1. James Tse 10 years ago

    I love what your writing.

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