You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Simple Steps in Manifestation for Abundance:

1. Meditate, create a sacred space. Light a candle, call your spiritual guides. Connect to your Higher Self. Call Archangel Zadkiel for transmutation of energy that is not of light. Also ask Zadkiel for abundance. Think of a color that represents abundance for you. Meditate and become this colorful beautiful light. Find deep feelings of appreciation and immerse yourself. Smile and enjoy, notice how it feels to feel loved and appreciated. Feel successful. Surround yourself with crystals that resonate in the vibration of abundance ie. Malakite, Aventurine
2. Write your intention from your heart’s desires and passion. Clear and open your heart chakra. Ask questions, what do I want to create? what makes me happy?
3. Visualize and create a picture of your  vision in your inner eye and feel it in your core being. Believe that it’s already done. Quantum leap of faith. Trust that it’s already done.
4. FACE : focus, attention, creativity and expression. Let go of negative thoughts and distractions.
5. Action collapses the suspension in the universal energy. The law of attraction. The universe is a biofeedback mechanism. It listens and gives to us what we put out there.
6. Clear Sacral Chakra energy centre, the womb of creation. Exercise, hip rotation and connect to nature. Walking daily, grounding and receiving electromagnetic fields of Mother Earth nurturing and nourishing your body, mind, heart, spirit and soul.
7. Be grateful for all your blessings and gifts. Appreciate your body, mind, heart and soul. Send love to your inner being and others. Receive love and give love, money is the expression of your love.
I am supported by the universe for all my needs and I am loved. I trust and surrender to the flow of abundance in my life. Thank you for this knowing and I’m completely free.

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