You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Soul’s Vibrational Frequency and Templates


One is all that is. The Source is a reflection of all singular creations experiencing multi-dimensional various frequencies of light. Soul is an expansive vortex of universal energy that co creates multi-dimensional templates that is existing in infinitesimal beings of light and love. Soul incarnates choosing templates to experience different levels of creation. Freewill exist in this co creation to establish harmony, unity and order in the universal laws. The universal laws are governed by the Prime creator. In order for souls to co create with light that gets its power from the Source of all that is. The soul has choices and shadows will point which directions we choose to follow. When the soul chooses darkness, the light is temporarily dimmed down. Until the soul recognized that the shadow is a part of the illusion or ego, it will find the light that dissipates the shadow or fear. Shadows are fear of its own light. Shadows when not align with our Higher Selves can’t find fulfillment in this incarnation. This powerful light has the codes to connect us to our Akashic Records. We stall or procrastinate to shine this bright light, afraid of being seen by others. When we start to see our own light, we then create unification of our light templates. We become the Master of our light. We unify and vibrate in the frequency of light. We become one with the Source of all that is. The light that we radiate help others to see their own light. Thus, we are one light or souls reflecting to each other the light of the universe. We are the light of the multi-universes that we’ve been exploring through eons of time and space.

There is no time and space in this multi-dimensional state of being. The veil is lifted, the hidden and unseen things are being revealed to us in our Third Eye Chakra. Activating the Pineal gland that holds the electro magnetic fields of our existence, we become attune to the synchronicity and harmonious movements of the universe. Past lives, present and future lives are all existing in this universal energy. We are encoded with these memories and consciousness. It triggers our future lives when we are open to receive the messages of the universe. Our radar detector is our physical body and sensations. We become blinded by our own ego and we doubt the messages that are being given to us. This is the time to open, attune and receive the language and symbols of the universe communicating to us through our physical bodies. The template of our physical bodies are designed to signal to us what is happening inside our energetic fields. Whatever form or illness that manifest in our realities were first created in the wiring of our energetic fields. These are the most dense form of our creation which is the Third dimension. The way we think is totally the opposite of how the universe works. Take the opposite of how you think and function, this will show you the new template of our Mental fields. We need clarity, directions and focus of our thoughts to co create our highest potentials with the universal energy. Accepting our multi-dimensional state will help us in our creations and expressing our heart’s desires. These mental thoughts need grounding to Earth’s magnetic fields to infuse the light informational codes within our human biology systems. The information that are given to us can only manifest when grounded. Our neuro pathways will not be able to take all the light codes that are being sent to us when we are not grounded to our mother Earth. We will burn our wiring and our nervous system can not function in this accelerated pace of transformation.

It breeds fear when one is receiving too much information and not being grounded. We have to ground the thoughts that are affecting our vibrational state. To live in freedom, we need to detach ourselves from this material world. Free our spirit and we free our souls from shadows that traps us in our physical bodies. When we attain this freedom, our soul reaches the vibrational state of light and love. We connect to the information that the universe is giving us. Attuning us to our home and our light frequency increases in every cellular level of communication with the universal energy of light and information.

Mastery of our physical and mental templates will give us attunement to our souls highest vibrational state which is love and light. What are the steps in attaining mastery of these templates? How can we maintain these high vibrational state in our consciousness? Are we ready to accept the responsibilities in living this high vibrational state of beings? We are here to guide and assist in the raising of humanity’s vibration to help accelerate our souls in ascension.

Steps in reaching our souls highest vibrational state of beings of light and love:

1. Awareness of your emotions, mental thoughts and physical bodies will attune us in our levels of vibrations.
Wisdom is not allowing thoughts that will harm us. Let go of harming thoughts and be still.

2. Don’t resist, what we resist persist. Listen to the signs and lessons in this present moment. What is the universe telling you?

3. Open your heart and mind. Don’t judge and care for what others think of you. You are unique and one of a kind. You are encoded with the universal creation and that makes you powerful.

4. Express your authentic self, be truthful and impeccable. Face your fears and infused light into the shadows of your creations.

5. Accept where you are. Don’t judge yourself and be gentle. Kindness and compassion for yourself and others.

6. Harmonize scattered thoughts. Unify and have inner peace.

7. Be grateful for all your blessings. Be of service to others.

8. Let go of attachments. Go with the flow.

9. Integrate all the aspects of your being, living multi- dimensionally.

10. Be present, happy and peaceful.

Blessings of miracles,

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