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There are many things that confused one being in living spirituality and when one is conditioned in one’s up bringing there are a lot of confusions especially between religion and spirituality. Transformation has to take place not only in the mind but as well as the core beliefs that are  usually unrealized in one’s space and time. In my own journey I found myself in this space of unconditional love and what truly spirituality is what I do with what I have in every given moments of my everyday living. I was brought up in a Catholic tradition and I found that there are a lot of restrictions, beliefs and rules regarding my practice. I’m not here to talk about the things that I don’t agree but I’m here to talk about the freedom that I found in being my own self, unconditionally loving and living my life without this so called religion. My spirit is my guide and where it leads me is where I am.

Our mind is our enemy in living spirituality because when we believe a certain belief we put on this hat of knowing and  when we don’t question where our beliefs came from we become pawns of this certain beliefs. We are blinded that we look at ourselves as the one that knows what is right and that others are wrong. This is the start of separation, the breed of hatred and fear. When we start to ask ourselves about these beliefs we become aware and open the possibilities that are hidden from our eyes. The first step in clearing our beliefs is to meditate, by just emptying our thoughts we become aware that thoughts have no power but they are just fleeting moments  in our head. When we don’t attach to these thoughts we become clear and connected to our spirit. Then the practice of meditation becomes our tool to connect with our true selves which is our essence.

As you journey your life you will find that you don’t attach yourself anymore with beliefs and you become an observer of these thoughts and beliefs. You are the witness to your own thoughts and become aware of your spirit that takes over your whole being. Your body, mind and spirit are align to the given moments. This is what most people are saying now about living in the moment. The linear time doesn’t exist in this space because you are connected to your eternal self. When you become aware of this river of consciousness that you are a part of these beliefs, traditions and many other things that we have then you become an observer of this flow. This is the first step in self-realization, when you recognized that you are a part of these ten thousand things in the Tao teachings, you become the observer of this flow of life.

The Buddhist teachings had helped me in my changes and I learn a lot of lessons dealing with my ego. The most important lesson that I’ve learn is the basic goodness and loving kindness towards my self. Without this I would not be able to understand where my sufferings and pain are coming from. I learned to let go of the victim consciousness and empowered myself with all the tools that I learned from healing my own self. The challenge is living a mystical path with practical feet. My transcendent self has to balance with my physical body, somehow I managed to dance the flow of life and enjoy every beat of the steps. Life and death is here and our participation with all our mind, body and spirit will bring us true joy, peace and love.

  1. Luke Abaya 10 years ago


    You have a deep understanding of yourself.
    Your vision is clear and certainly have achieved a lot in your spiritual pursuits. Thanks you for your insights and I feel privileged to have discovered you web site.

    I will be a regular reader of your posting if you do not mind.

    All the best,

  2. Tom 10 years ago

    Dear Teza,

    Just a note of thanks for these messages. I find them very important for me in my life. You have a lot of wisdom of life and I am sure there are many others who reply on regularly reading what you write.
    Will you be making more You tube videos as I enjoy very much watching them and listening to what you have to say.

    So again my many thanks


  3. Author
    Teza Zialcita 9 years ago

    @ Luke thank you for your beautiful words and honored that you enjoy my writings, these are given from my heart and messages from the Ascended Masters that I channel. We are all one in love and light!
    Blessings to you!

    @ Tom, thank you for the love and inspiring me to do more works of love and light. We are all angels in our skin suits:)
    lots of love, Teza

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