You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Step up and Claim your Divine Birth Right



We are Masters of Light, gathered here in mother earth. Together we are being called to summon and anchor this divine Light. Deep within us is this spark of creation, co-creating with our own unique blueprints in the akash. This blueprint is sacred, it is our soul’s journey through all timelines, dimensions, space and realities.

To understand creation is to understand your self. The universe lies within you. You are encoded with all of these divine codes. Right now our 3D existence needs these codes to be activated in order to anchor the divine Light. Our 64 gene codes in our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies is currently activating as we speak.

We are the Alchemist of our vibrations. You bring this vibrations when you arrive in this incarnation. This blueprint consist of all that is. You are the collective, the macro and micro cosm of the universe. Your Higher Self that is expansive exist in this vast universal energy. In order for the egoic mind to attain this concept, we need to shift our consciousness.

 How can we shift in this chaotic times?

First we have to recognize that our mind that created the problem will not find the solution. (Einstein’s theory) The shift has to occur in our consciousness. Meditation is the best tool to self-realized that we are not the mind. A thought is just is, collective entity of our experiences and imprints.

Once we recognized that we are the observer. We attain the powerful stance of the magician. We start looking at things as just is. No reactions necessary. Everything becomes energy, solid, liquid or gaseous state of condition. We see darkness as is and Light dissipates the shadow that is playing in the illusionary paradoxical world that we created. We can perceive the Light and channel this to the situation, person or things. There is no limitation to what we can do. We are powerful beings of Light.

Imagine the divine codes within you, the spark of Light that is emanating from your presence. We are an atomical fraction of the divine creation. Open your mind to limitless possibilities of your visions. You can create anything, in the intentional field. This is the blueprint of creation. All that is in your present situation originated from the field of intentions.

To create, you must relate to the power of the Source or God. Your vision has to vibrate in the higher octaves of creation. No waves of doubt or fear. This is the creative state of creativity, full on strong faith. We have to totally surrender our lives to service, for the good of all beings. To truly realized that we are a divine vehicle of Light. To serve and channel this divine grand design of our expressive Self.

Power is in the perceptions. If we perceive with love and Light, we see this potential field in every transactions that we will experience. This is the mastery of alchemy, if we can perceive it we can actualize this with out time and space. It happens instantaneously in infinite space of divine timing.

The more you evolve and learn your true essence in your sacred blueprint of your Akashic Records. You will recognized the Master within you. You will be receiving activations from the spiritual guides and masters that you invoke. This is the help from powerful forces around you. You can perform to your highest potential when you know this formula of success.

Divine Power= Highest Potential + Quantum Perception

What does this mean? You can acquire the divine power when you see situations in their highest state of form. By using the field of no time and space, instant or quantum leap of your own perception. To simplify this equation:

Someone comes to you stating she was having a headache, you hear this in your ears. You listen. You see within the highest potential for this person is to be free from headache. You connect to that highest potential state of no headache. You ask divine intervention with your spiritual guides. You declare this highest state and you say to the other person, “your headache is gone, you are free now.” The other person hears this and connects to the state of being free from headaches. Then, the quantum shift happens instantaneously. This is a powerful tool that you can use in any situation that you will encounter. The power is in the perceptions for the highest good of all sentient being existing in limitless potential and infinite possibilities.

“May you attain your highest potential in this lifetime. To serve and anchor this divine Light for the good of all sentient beings. Namaste.”

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