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Steps in Assisting Gifted Empathic Children


As a mystic child, I grew up seeing spirits and ghosts. My parents did not know what to do with me or how they can help me. I got confused with my gifts of seeing or clairvoyance. My dreams were surreal and lucid. I had an out of body experience at the age of 2 as I experienced near death from gotten sick of Diphtheria. I found myself delving into the deepest mystery of the universe and was misjudged for being a mystic. It is not a happy space to feel that you do not belong. I was lost in the dark and when I found my true essence I was empowered. I know that I am not alone. We are all here to experience our own uniqueness, let us open our mind and hearts to allow and accept these challenges as stepping stones toward our enlightenment.

Right now, I am inspired to guide these children to empower themselves and to give understanding to their parents that their children are not sick. They are multi-dimensional and tapping into the universal energy. We have to educate both parties to give them foundations in this new energy of our consciousness. We will find the light into our path, when we inform ourselves and receive education on how we can be balance our multi-dimensional state of being in this incarnation.

How can we  assist our gifted children? First, we have to acknowledge that we are ready to open our mind and hearts to listen to their experiences without judgement. Then we can proceed to the following issues that we are about to explore and journey in our sessions together.

Steps in assisting gifted Empathic children:

  1. Children are vulnerable, they are sensitive and emotional. When there is a separation or divorce from the parents, they are affected physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These energetic disturbances affects their holistic state. They create negative thoughts of fear and failure. They sometimes blame themselves for the breakdown of their family. They feel the lower vibrations of emotions such as guilt, shame and insecurity. These emotions are stored in the lower Chakras energy centers. This affect their well being in the school, society and their own self – esteem. They get lost in their own confusion. As the parents struggle with their own stress, they forget to pay attention to what is happening to their children. They sometimes play the control or manipulation game to win their children’s love due to guilt. Then, the family dynamics is divided.
  2. Listen and pay attention to what they are saying. Emotionally connect to them. Take them seriously, help them to have some counselling time with a professional therapist. Make them feel that it is not their fault and that they are always going to be safe and loved. Allow them to express their anger, to avoid suppression and depression. Meditation is a great tool if you can introduce this in the early stage of confusion.
  3. Be aware of disassociation, children have the tendency of getting out of their body to deny themselves of the pain that they feel. They can also harm themselves like “cutting” to feel pain. They will isolate themselves as they do not feel good about themselves.
  4. Protection energetically, learn the spiritual tools to help the children feel safe and protected. Introducing the children to the angels realm. Spiritually they will create energetic fields to assist them in their darkness.
  5. Give their power back by empowering them spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.
  6. Know and develop their gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, psychic, mediumship.
  7. Create a safe and sacred space, teach boundaries.
  8. Spiritual journaling to help gain inner insights and progress.
  9. Explain how energy, consciousness and vibrations work and affect our wholesomeness.
  10. Assist children and parents in their soul’s journey with the forgiveness prayer and empathic release prayer.

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