You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Steps in Being a Cosmic Soul

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The Cosmic Soul is the universal energy and light coming from the Source of all that is. We are powerful beings of Light. This Light within is connected to the power house of creations the Akashic fields. Everything that was created in this universe. Every thoughts, words, emotions, intentions and actions is here and now, we are in the eternal time and infinite space.

We become a Cosmic Soul when we had purified all the densities of our human consciousness which are our toxic mental thoughts and lower emotional vibrations such as anger, worry, anxiety and many other emotions. In this field of oneness with all creations, we become a co-creator of the divine energy flowing within us. As we create, we magnify this love and light beaming within us. Radiating the illuminating Light of the Source.

We are beyond our mind, everything that we think we are is the opposite of what is real. The infinite space is where we want to connect. Creation is from this energy field. When we create from the mind or ego, our work become tainted with pride. We have this small self that wants to believe that it is capable of manifesting our desires. It can happen but the roots of this creation is built from weaknesses. The true creation is rooted from the spirit of the Source of creation which is love and light. This is the universal energy, where we tapped into infinite resource of power. Once we understand the purpose of our small self, we are able to integrate our incarnation with greater knowing.

Our emotional fields have to calibrate in the love and light frequency, any lower vibrations can blocked us from opening and fully loving ourselves and others. The shadows that we are experiencing are here to be release and clear with the loving assistance of the Masters of Light. Our Cosmic Soul is here ready to give birth to our new earth. We us light workers chose this lifetime to anchor this golden Light into our physical dimension. When we are challenged, we are releasing toxins that no longer serve us. This vehicle of Light which is the Merkabah will serve us our channel for our multi-dimensional Soul. Activate this with Archangel Metatron and ask to recalibrate our DNA and link us to our divine blueprint the Akashic Records.  The Violet Flame of St. Germain in the heart of humanity with transmute any energies that is not needed.

We are waves of vibrations in the light spectrum. Recalibrate what does not vibrate in higher frequencies. Creating a ritual with the spiritual guides when you wake up and before you sleep can strengthen your practice of creating a new pattern of DNA.

Steps in being a Cosmic Soul:

  1. Create a safe and sacred space. Have this ritual in the morning when you wake up or anytime that is comfortable for you. Meditate and light candle. Sage or purify your space in the house and yourself. Attune to your spiritual Masters of Light. Open your Akashic Records. By invoking the Lords of the Akashic Records to help you open your book of life and state your full legal name that you are using at the current moment. Your name’s vibrations carry the energies of your Soul. “Lords of the Akashic Records, please open my book of life and create a safe and sacred space for my highest good and healing. The records are now open say this three times.”
  2. Scan your body, mind, heart, spirit, soul, and other beings in your surrounding. Sometimes you will feel the presence of your loved ones from other dimensions. Journal your way through it, write down anything that comes up. Past life memories can come up.
  3. Acknowledge your emotions and mental thoughts. Pleasant or neutral. Be aware of what is happening in your consciousness.
  4. After scanning for example: body- detoxing, mind- clear, heart- heavy, spirit- inspired, soul- goddess like, other beings- angels around me
  5. Be authentic and clear when you are writing down these qualities, do not make it complicate or over analyze, just tune into your senses.
  6. When you feel that there are things that you need to clear like heaviness around the heart chakra. Acknowledge and reflect in the situation that can cause this condition. Call the Ascended Masters to help you in clearing these energies.
  7. Offer forgiveness in your heart chakra for harming others and yourself consciously or unconsciously in all timelines and dimensions.
  8. Thank the Masters of Light, gatekeeper and the Lords of the Akashic Records that worked with you. Close the records now and say this three times. “The records are now closed, the records are now closed and the records are now closed.”
  9. Ground yourself after doing this clearing and healing. Eat healthy food, walk in nature, or do some exercise.
  10. Give sometime for your healing, your body, mind, heart, spirit, and soul are now integrating to becoming wholesome. Your frequencies and vibrations are calibrating to your Higher Self. Your Cosmic Soul is now attuning into your being. This is a process and be patient. Totally surrendering without attachment to the outcome.

Practice regularly and you will see the transformation within and around you. You will have this new vibrant energy level and happiness. You are seeing beyond your form. You now have a set of new eyes to see the grandeur beauty of the cosmos for you are one in the universe.

Blessings of miracles,


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