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Steps in Dealing with Your Emotions Regarding Suicide of a Loved One


I looked back at my experiences observing my loved ones lost a dear friend of our family. I wonder  “what are the steps that I did to help me in my recovery from this traumatic event?” I love diving deeply into the shadows of our collective unconscious and bring out the pearl or lesson from these blessings in disguise. I see light behind these dark blankets of life. This is my life, sharing from the deepest core of my broken heart and how I found kindness, inner peace, and compassion for myself and others.

When 2008 hits us with the suicide of a 27-year-old friend of our family, I was furious looking at his coffin and thought of I could have been in his shoes. I was mad at the sufferings of this world. Why do we hide from all our darkness? Why do we have to suffer alone and think that we don’t have a voice to tell others what we are going through? Why do we stop, be in despair and take our precious life? Why? We don’t know what a person goes through when they are in this height of hopelessness. I once was suicidal when I was a teen suffering from the effects of abortion. What kept me going was my faith that this God that we call will listen to my prayers and give me grace for my family’s horrific action of abortion. Even though it was against my wish to terminate the baby, I was not given a choice and was taken to an illegal abortionist and almost died of haemorrhage. What is the point of telling my story? Our story connects us to the pain of others. I always advise my clients to honour your story and share your heart with others. This is our compassionate heart talking to others, we are intertwined in all things. When a person is hurting, we are hurting because we are one.

Steps in dealing with your emotions regarding suicide of a loved one:

  1. Take time for yourself, have a retreat.
  2. Reflect, meditate, journal your emotions and thoughts.
  3. Be in nature, walk, and heal with mother earth’s energy.
  4. Nourish your body with healthy fruits and vegetables. Detoxify.
  5. After enough time for yourself, exercise to release stuck energies.
  6. Be with your loved ones and people that you trust.
  7. Be of service, visit an elder in the nursing home or volunteer.
  8. Create a grieving supportive group or join others.
  9. Grieving is a process, there is no right time or space for it to occur, give yourself plenty of love.
  10. Celebrate the person’s life, with fond memories and joy.
  11. Remember to turn your experience around to touch others and be a light for them.
  12. We are all one, their life is a gift and we can treasure the love that they share with us. They never left, they only change their address.

May the grace of the Creator be with us in our dark night of our souls. May we allow and open our hearts to receive these blessings and be the light for others in their sorrows. May we attain inner peace, and forgiveness for ourselves and others. May we rejoice in the presence of our loved ones and know that they are always with us.

Blessings of miracles,


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