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Steps to Cope With Strong Energies and Vibrations


There are a lot of planetary movements right now  that can be intense for all of us. They are a part of our collective unconscious and we can be overwhelmed when we are not aware of these movements. We are affected within our psyche, emotional, physical, etheric and astral bodies. Consider everything is energy and the planets are archetypal templates of our collective. They represent our structural and archetypal evolution. We evolve and grow with these planets. They are messengers in the sky, as above so below. We are given the signs to integrate our aspects of being to becoming attune with their movements. When we are aware and awake, we dance with the energies and vibrations. We are align with their motions. It is a challenge for all of us to go with this flow because we like to resist. What we resist, persist. We are here to experience changes and as we evolve as cosmic beings of light, we become more aware of our planetary systems and how they talk to us.

Steps to cope with strong energies and vibrations:

  1. Understand and study simple Astrology. Get informations about the planets in retrograde.
  2. Know your self. What triggers and shadows are in your fields when there is retrograde?
  3. Ground yourself. Walk in nature, eat healthy fresh vegetables and fruits.
  4. Detoxification. Scan your thoughts, emotions, intentions, spirit and the surroundings around you. Release and clear energies that are not serving your highest good by calling St. Germain and the Violet Flame and Archangel Michael and the blue Ray.
  5. Journal, spend time with yourself on a retreat and write down your thoughts.
  6. Create a ritual at night before you sleep. Light a candle, sage your room and self. Put on Reiki Healing music while you sleep.
  7. Put fresh flowers in your room and surround your space with crystals.
  8. Spend time with your pets, this is therapeutic.
  9. Surround yourself with positive uplifting people.
  10. Soft, healing music in your room.

Planets and their meanings:

Mercury – communication, intelligence, expression, speed, synergy, transit, agreements, transportation, assimilation, mind

Mars- action, fire, passion, drive, ego, desires, ambition, pursue, masculine, self-motivated, assertive, removing obstacles,

Pluto- transformation, power, letting go of old energies or attachments, liberating, releasing, past lives, karmic, spiritual power, freedom, philosophy

Venus- art, beauty, relationships, physical body, sensuality, love, attraction, values, magnetism, material and interrelating plane, interaction

Uranus- revolution, change, transformation, challenges, originality, eccentric, give and contribute, collective, freedom, intuitive, masculine

Saturn- karma, destiny, fate, completion, fears, challenges, discipline, hard work, responsibility, contraction, create, definition

Jupiter- expansion, beliefs, travels, freedom, luck, value in the future, visions, ideals, optimism, wisdom, faith, inspiration

Neptune- mysticism, spirituality, dreams, illusions, fantasy, paranormal, healing, receptivity, deep, unconscious, peace, presence, faith, trust, imagination

Moon- emotional body, feminine, receptivity, moods, controls the tides of the water, nurturing, securities, concerns with, insights, acceptance,

Sun- drive, passion, limelight, interest, masculine, vigor, action, pursuing, leadership

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