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Stillness in the midst of chaos

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This is quite a challenge to face now a days wherever you are, or whatever you do. You will find that the world we live is in chaos and turmoil, starting with your own self at first. When you are trying to know who you are and where you’ve come from. Then , just as when you think you have found your self, you are actually more lost because you have to face others who are still asleep. This is something that I found really challenging, to be centered and balance your self in the midst of chaos.

When you work around people that are not awake and aware of their own energy fields and their vibrations, you are being challenge and put to test on how to be grounded and centered in this predicament. When I decided to be a detached observer of this drama, I become a student of this life. There is obviously a lessons to learn in simple things like this, that sometimes we try to discount as little but truly this is bigger than what we think. When we bad mouth others we create pain and suffering not only for them but deep within us. We become disconnected to the source who is love and light, our God. We are not here to be small but to be align to the power of our creator. We are made in this image and we are lightbearers. When we function as one, we don’t associate our lives with petty things like this. We have to take responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. It is so clear that we are living in a chaotic world because our peace has to start within us. When we hurt others we are hurting our own selves.

Let us unite and stand for the truth and this will set us free.Freedom from the attacks of our own egoic mind. If we believe we are one then we have to become one with our own selves first and foremost. The judgements that we put on others will come back to us. The Law of karma, very simple yet we keep doing things that harm us and others.


1. When you hear negative feelings or thoughts about others, this person who is talking is actually feeling all these insecurities herself so she has to put it out there whatever she sees wrong or negative. Don’t entertain this thought, and put an end to this fire by being sensitive and speaking the truth ” I really don’t appreciate these negative comments about others, can we change the topic please.” this usually stop the other person and make him realize that you want respect.

2. Find silence by continually reflecting inside yourself, this I call MEDITATION IN ACTION.

3. Remember the realities that you are surrounded are projections of parts of your self so there are lessons to learn and the wisdom is knowing that you are a part of this river of consciousness and that you become a detached observer of the flow. Then you can catch your own self and self realized that you want to make a difference in this flow of consciousness. This is what I call being conscious participant in the evolution of consciousness, when you wake up and have the courage to wake up others.

4. Compassionate wisdom,  it is what it is, we are sentient beings helping others to know the truth. Sometimes we are put in a situation that needed some light and guidance and you are there to make a difference in their journeys as a warrior of light.

5. Be a Goddess and God’s ways will follow you.

6. Create peace wherever you are, this is who you are and nothing else but love.



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