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Student Testimonials

Testimonials from Akashic Records Students

I am blessed our journeys have crossed paths. I feel a deep soulful connection with you, we are one, as you have aided in my souls transformation. I cannot thank-you enough for the love that you share and the hearts that you touch. You are such a strong, empowering, compassionate, wise woman, and i look to you to find that in me. blessed be!

– Jaqui Bressser

Codes to the akashic records were given and received. Looking forward to putting everything into action. As with all of Teza’s meet ups always meeting really cool people along the journey. – James Leard

Thank you once again for all of your gifts. You have such a warm, intelligent and loving way of relating to everyone. A blessing indeed!

– Keylaira : Teacher, wilderness-bred Mover and Sounder

Very insightful, wonderfully taught & guided. Great meeting all the others and discovering their journey’s and stories. Teza – thank you so very much for sharing your gorgeous self and gifts.

– Mark McNichole

Impressive!!! Thanks very much Teza for hosting and sharing, I will definitely practise on my own and looking forward to see you again soon!

– Levana

Thank you Divine Teza for providing such a beautiful space of growth and healing for all of us.

Thank you to all the wonderful participants for the open heart discussions and laughter. It was outstanding!

Much Love & Gratitude

Aaaamazing. I was a little light headed and maybe overwhelmed with healing at the end of the session, but slowly and surely became grounded and am able to appreciate some of its purpose- clarity, absolute divine love. Thank you for helping me learn to realize they’re always open, and that I can close them!

– Danielle

Very helpful. I will meditate on the findings from this session and enthusiastically utilize this practice in my continued healing.

-Grey Saager

Teza, thank you so much for setting up the most condusive space for spiritual sharing and for all of your love and teachings.

– Martin Wong- Acupuncturist

It was like a loving family reunion! The energies we shared were warm and tender and with Teza’s inspiring guidance we all expanded in our own personal growth. Thank-you Teza.

– Linda Johnson

Awesome day. Thank you Teza for sharing your knowledge with us. I think everything unfolded just as it was meant to. Blessings

– Angela Beaumont

What a great and open group this was–I will be processing what I’ve learned for some time.
What a privilege and honor to read someone else’s Record.
It was truly an experience I won’t soon forget.

– Kevin Diakiw – Journalist/Reporter

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