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Surrendering to the Flow of the Universal Energy


We are in the universal energy and when we surrender to this flow of our Source, our intention brings out the fruits of manifestation. Like water let our thoughts flow and know that the universe will bring to us those who vibrates in the same frequency as we are. Everything that our heart’s desires is a magnet for attraction because the heart is the vortex or magnifier of all things, be it a relationship, money or places that you want to travel. When we put our intentions, we are sending the signal to the universal energy. Ions of molecular atoms synchronized and harmonized themselves like a glue to manifest our desires. Light attracts light. Our vision of who we truly are would come natural to us. Being authentic on everything we do. Transparency is the rule of thumb, being honest with ourselves will help us to uphold our truth.

Faith in our visions, the Source will provide. We are a channel or vessel of this divine energy. We co create with this power of love. Love is the bond for things to manifest. Loving ourselves, values and worth for our services. We are the light for others. Let our light shine so others can see their own light. We increase the vibration of light and love when we become true to ourselves. Our service for others help us in our alignment to the Law of Karma. By being truthful we draw people to our lives that are reflections of ourselves.

When we surrender, we let go of attachments to the outcome. We enjoy the process and not be stressed on how things will come out. It is a quantum leap of faith. The challenges that will come into our energy fields are our teachers to expand and transcend. Slowing down time and listening to our intuition and guidance. Don’t rush and be in the present moment. From a place of alignment we are patiently waiting for our miracles to come.

Sometimes the paths are not easy to traverse when we are being called to the path of awakening. We will find ourselves in situations that are challenging. We will go through clearing our energy fields. Some of the situations are letting go of toxic relationships, grieving for our loved ones and losing our material world. These trials will help us transcend our knowing and understanding will be enhanced in a level beyond our comprehension. Our wisdom and connection to God is constantly communicating to us the ways to inspire our souls purpose. We are being guided to listen to the signs that are given to us, doors that are opening for our expansion. We have to listen with our heart open and believe that it is already given. This is our given birth right when we surrender to the flow of the universal energy.

We become happy, simple and humble to the gifts of the universe. This serenity and contentment in our lifetimes are treasures. We feel supported, loved  by God and others, we become one with all that is. This is the blissful space of ones freedom of spirit. We are not consumed with what is happening with world’s affairs but our focus is in making a difference by sharing our truth, light and love. Surrender to the things that we can’t change but empower ourselves to the things that we can do and serve for others.

Blessings of love and light,


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