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Template for Unified Collective Conscious Community

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Cooperation, collaboration, and communication these are the 3 Cs, important to implement when dealing with a sustainable community program development. Having these core values within the business structure, we are able to have clarity, clear guidance to navigate where we want to focus on our intention for the community. We are in the Aquarian age, our collective consciousness consciously creates a unified collective template to support us in our ascension process. We need to support each other for the good of all sentient beings. As we progress, we are attune to know which path to take. How can we bring the varieties of gifts that we inherit from our multi-diverse cultures and societies?

Are we ready to see the bigger picture of why we are here together, to build, support our community? When we gather, we are stronger. We are bonded to create this synergistic group for the evolution of our humanity. Without this, we will find that our world is collapsing into the abyss of the shadows. We are light workers, dissipating the effects of shadows. We are here as one community of love and light. We see beyond this physical dimension and align our Higher Selves in every creations that we partake. As we become a strong one tribe of conscious beings bonded in love and light, we shine this universal light to all creations. Awakening in our every moments, we serve to be a vessel of light and love.

Let us be one in collaborating, creating a sacred space for our community. Cooperating and respective of each unique gifts to hold this space of responsibility and accountability to what we bring into the table. We are responsible for our vibrations. Are we ready to take this next higher level of vibrations in our energetic fields?

Intentions for the high vibrations of a unified collective community:

  1. Create a community coming from the intentions of love and light. To be one sacred space cooperating and communicating each others contributions for raising our human consciousness.
  2. Our voices are from the heart, pure awareness, and clear guidance from our ancient Masters and the gate keepers.
  3. Each one of us carries the unique gift of our blueprints. We are here to share these gifts of knowledge, wisdom and healing.
  4. Our intention is to be together one light, one love and one family.
  5. To shine our Light to the universe, to be kind, compassionate, and loving to mother Earth and its creations.
  6. To know our innate wisdom, be a vessel of inner peace, to mentor and guide others in their soul’s purpose.
  7. To universally send a healing energy to all those who are suffering.
  8. To hold a gathering physically together united in spirit for the good of all sentient beings.
  9. To be a vehicle of light where we are being called to serve.
  10. To connect, be a bridge for others and be one with all that is.

Blessings of miracles,


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