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The Alchemist Archetype


I have discovered the role of the Alchemist archetype can assist in the mastery of our Souls. During my reading in the Akashic fields I find that many are affected by others opinion about themselves. It leads to a lonely path and a detriment that they somehow lose their true essence. Taking others opinions about you or your work is an illusion itself. What makes people get attached to this condition? The root of this is insecurity, attachment, separation from Source and low self- esteem.

There is an underlying imprint of separation from the Source of all that is. You are taking your success personally and created an attachment to your work. It is a subtle sign that you are coming from egoic perspective. Unbeknowst to you is that our work are not ours, it is a gift of service from the divine spirit. When we serve this world knowing that is from the divine, we become vessels of grace. Our work becomes a sacred gift.

As a concrete example, when I write I become a conduit for messages that are coming from my spiritual guides and Higher Self. I open my heart and mind to what is being relayed through me. In that sense I am not my work but a vehicle for this to manifest. I do not take others negative opinions about my work as I know this work is sacred from the divine energy.

I bow my loyalty to the divine. I have no time or energy to lose over people that are negative and unsupportive of me. Because I know at the end of this lifetime, what matters is my relationship to myself and the Source of all that is. When your perspective is coming from this alignment with the Source, you have no deviation or separation. Others negative energy does not affect you because there is an inner knowing that you are always one with the Source and will always be.

The small self which is the ego tries to attach or hook you in the world of 3d and separation. When you are in mastery of your soul, you will learn that all forms are illusions. They are here because of your intelligence tapping into the universal mind of creation. When they manifest, do not take them as yours because everything is impermanent.

As our souls gain wisdom, we become an observer of realities or situations. We attract certain bio-feedback from our inner garden of the mind. The reality occurs as negative or vibrates in lower frequency of energy, is within you.You are the catalyst to change, if you don’t like what you see. You look within and find the key codes to what is not in alignment to your Higher Self. Reflect and forgive others who are not serving your highest good. There is a karmic bond between the two of you in other timelines that is now brought to your attention. The other person is a mirror for you to see within what is reflecting from others.

It can be tricky, as the ego is an illusion itself. We are born into the Light of this world. Unconsciously in a state of amnesia, we forget our Light within. This Light illuminates the darkness of this world. Fear of the unknown is the lack of Light from within.Freedom is discovered when one finds the true essence of what is real. You are no longer attached to this world. You are the master of matter or illusion and how to transmute this into Light is the path of the Alchemist. The Alchemist turns lead or “illusion” into gold or “Light.”

The mastery is attained when you do not react anymore to others opinions about you. You know that everyone has its own “dream” in the Toltec tradition this is considered your own bubble of illusion. The inner knowing that you are divinely co-creating with the Source brings you into a higher perspective with the vibrations of who you truly are, a bright Light.

The Alchemy is here to transform any situations into its highest good. The path of forgiveness lightens the heaviness that you are carrying. Any situation that is leaded with egoic selfish thoughts can be transmuted into its finest golden Light. Become the Alchemist in your search for truth. Activate the Alchemist within you, that you are able to live the highest possible potential of your bright Light.

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