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The Artist Archetype


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I am surrounded by this archetype, as a writer myself I’ve magnetized this in my energy fields, light attracts light. I observed others and I realized there is something missing within the artist archetype, and it is their beliefs about their works.

It is coming from insecurities and doubting their own genius. There is also a stigma or unconscious negative belief that artists are poor and they are not recognized for their works until they die. This creates a scarcity mentality and the artist denies that abundance is within. A fear based mentality sets in and gets ingrained and blocks the mind of the artist. Which is quite ridiculous, our society has to wake up and celebrate these artists for their work now and not when they transition. There is also a fear of being judged or criticized, that their work is not good enough. It creates a vicious cycle of insecurity, procrastination and fear, which are vibrating in lower frequencies that block the flow of attracting and manifesting their dreams.

Letting go of attachments and expectations of others will help you eliminate the illusions in your head. Being focused on your work and gifts will bring you clarity on what you want to create. Having that intention and vision of where you want to be is a great target, to have direct guidance to your destination. Artists need a compass to help navigate through this foggy doubting mind. When in doubt, come back to love and release this disturbing inner critic. Acknowledge that you can hear this doubt and that you are now releasing this from your old ways of thinking. This is the saboteur archetype that can often take the artist on a downward spiral of doubts and illusions.

There is a fire within me that wants to ignite and help artists recognize their highest potential and success. I did not have a problem with acknowledging my artist archetype, as I grew up with a huge family of artists. I watched my brother paint murals on our living room walls and adored him as he painted. My vision was limitless as to how I could visualize my dreams of creating my happiest state or condition.

I remember watching the stars light up every night and saying my three wishes before I went to sleep. These three wishes were all fulfilled. I wished for happiness and a long life for my parents, my papa passed away when he was 90 and mama when she was 80. I attained happiness and joy within my being and know that I am blessed every day of my waking hours.

The artist is the co-creator of this divine tapestry. Within us lie the divine keys and codes of the Source. We are all innate artists in our own unique ways. We co-create this life of dreams, colors, vibrations and frequencies in our hands. We are given this divine birthright. Rejoice and claim this gift of the divine.

What is missing in the eye of this artist is the direct acknowledgement that the gifts are from the Source. If you are taking your gifts as personal, coming from the ego, the small limited self; you will get lost. You will hear a lot of mind chatter and your inner critic is activated. Listen and meditate.

Create a sacred space for your artistic life. You are the main orchestrator of this sacred journey. Start by being grateful for all the gifts that you have now. Meditate and still your mind. If you were given only this day to live, what would you be doing? Live from this knowing and you will fill your day with so much love and compassion for yourself. Give yourself credit, not debit.

Life is a dream that lies behind the artist’s hands. With these hands, the Creator holds you up and celebrates your magical creations. These gifts of creation are here to shine, for others to remember their Light, inspire and let go of any doubts and truly honour your divine gifts from the universe. We are the grand designers of our majestic soul’s journey.






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