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The Flower of Consciousness


Last night I dreamt an explosion, it was a marvelous experience as I see a giant tree full of Magnolia flowers at night time and I was taking a picture of this event as the flowers exploded in motion and burst into nothingness. I woke up with a great sigh and asked myself what is the meaning of this vivid dream. For me as a mystic, my dreams are my reality in the other dimension. When I dream of this kind of event, it triggered a part of my being, connects me to my inner self and soul. I recognized the dream as my consciousness and the flowers were souls that are opening or awakening to this new energy. I believe we are in this new field of the flowering of consciousness. The evolution of our enlightenment is happening as I write and I feel the amazing collective and Universal energy of this multidimensional being that we are. I’m more awake than ever to the signs that are given in my waking moments and my unconscious dream states.

As my day unfolded, I experience oneness and awesome connection to nature. The flowers seem more colorful and vibrant. They seem to communicate this beautiful revelation that I had when I woke up. This breath of inspiration as a writer arose in me to continue my passion and bring this writing into full attention and focus. As much as I procrastinate what I’m suppose to do, today I’m sure that this is the path that I choose and the fire in me just continue to ignite what I’m here to share and bring into fullness. If there’s one thing that I want to complete before I pass this dimension is this, to be able to express the wisdom that I channel to help others in their path and journey towards ascension.

This ascension that I’m talking about is not your physical ascension but spiritual, it literally means awakening and connecting to your higher self. Our souls are evolve and we are here to continue this path of unfolding to our beauty just like a flower blossoming. We have lived many lives and our souls evolve as we experience our passing and coming back. Like recycling of lives, this soul fully incarnate to experience what the other lifetime has not fully awaken into, a progression of Karmic effects follows until the soul opens and become fully aware of its existence, self realized that its own soul is the same soul that created the same Karma. When the soul becomes awake, it stops the Karmic cycle. It finally ascends to its fullest evolution which is to complete the final journey of eternal life. When this happens the soul create more synchronized events that mirrors the souls intention. It literally feels heaven on Earth, as the soul sees the external as its own landscape.

Our journey to heaven is here and we are given this lifetime to complete this journey to our highest self, a return to home. The awakening of our souls from this deep sleep is happening to others who are ready and being called to bring forth this light and love that we had forgotten in our journey. Our ego starts to collapse and our spirit wake us up from our deep sleep. This ego and identification to form is an illusion created by our mind. What we see is a reflection of our deepest truth. Our conscious effort to reveal our truth is only a wink away if we are willing to listen to our spirit.

We are at the edge of times, the linear times that we created will dissipate as we tap in eternal time. Whatever happens in the other side of the world reflects and affects us in many ways. The butterfly effect will become more pronounced as we observe the signs of times. The synchronicity of times and events will take into full manifestation as we flow with our soul’s purpose. The evolution of consciousness will take precedence in this generation as we commune in many bodies, one spirit. We will acknowledge the truth and our illusions and attachments to form and ego will hold no power for the emergence of this new era of energy, light and love will awaken and ignite the fire of our hearts,  deep within us is the secret to our wisdom.

Take this time to connect to your truth, wisdom is given when asked, listen to your guides, teachers and higher selves they are always with you, we are blind to the unseen power of our soul. The ego is quite loud, aggressive, competitive entity that is design to deceive us from the truth of our existence. When we are align to our souls purpose, we are the creators of our existence. We experience what we want to learn and the lessons are given in patterns when we don’t get the answer, that the magnet of all these experiences is us. We magnetized all the events that our souls intend to experience. In all we are the participators, observants and creators of our lives. Knowing our souls intention, the unpleasant events makes more sense and gives us a clearer and bigger picture of our lives. We connect to the clarity of events and oneness of our being.

Our enemies become our mirrors to learn the lesson and follow the souls path of love and light. We are evolve souls, incarnated here to enlighten our existence. With each action of love, we create a rippling effect that affects others in grand ways. We help others return to home with peace, love and joy to continue this journey of our souls, eternal we are. Death is but a passing gateway to another dimension wherever our souls take us, we are here kindred spirits guiding each others path to our return to home. This is the path of a spiritual warrior, ready to bring the sword of truth and light to our crooked and blinded path and lifting each others souls in their darkest nights. The full bloom of our consciousness is awaken, lets plant the seeds of these flowers of consciousness to our paths and light each others journeys.


  1. Jennifer 8 years ago

    I love this beautiful image: two lotus flowers blossoming together is exquisite and I will be meditating on this image later
    I enjoyed your writing too
    Blessings of Joy and Deep Truth

  2. Author
    Teza Zialcita 8 years ago

    You’re very welcome Jennifer and many blessings to your soul journeys and may you hearts desires all come true! Teza

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