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The Hidden Bars Around Our Hearts


I have envisioned these bars around our hearts as we experienced fear of intimacy. What is fear of intimacy? It is a feeling of not settling or fully committing someone’s self to another person. I have seen these bars come up whenever I am getting closer to my lover.

Then an image scan the waves of my inner vision, that I was once a monk living in this trapped bars of not being able to experience sexuality. I see the monk escaping and was able to fully opened these bars. This monk flee and able to have sexual experiences. As the monk acquired freedom he was unable to fully give himself to another person, unconsciously thinking that this symbolizes the bars around his heart.

In the monastery he had a vow of celibacy, because of his broken vow there is an imprint of guilt in his emotional body. When an opportunity arises that he has to create a vow of commitment he found himself trapped. Unconscious of the bars around his heart, he recreated this fear and broken vow.

How can this monk outside of the monastery will fully able to see and feel loved without feeling trapped? These are the steps in allowing these unconscious imprints of entrapment dissipate. I find that this affect a lot of souls who were once monks or nuns in their past lives. These steps can help you start where you are and find true happiness and intimacy with yourself and others.

Steps in releasing the bars around our hearts:

1. Acknowledge your pain and fear of intimacy.

2. Do not be hard on yourself, let go of guilt.

3. See your patterns of sabotaging your own relationships.

4. Consult your Akashic Records and clear these imprints in your patterns.

5. Heal with the Ascended Masters and angels.

6. Learn your lessons.

7. Forgive your catalyst and sacred contracts.

8. Start a new life by loving yourself unconditionally.

9. Meditate.

10. Ground yourself in nature and nurture your soul.

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