You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

The Hologram of Our Souls


Watch where you are, become an inner observer of your emotions. Are you coming from fear and separation or love? Our emotions can detect if we are align to our Higher Self. How are your mental thoughts? Are they positive or negative? Our mental thoughts are our barometer if we are vibrating in high frequency. How are your Chakra energy centers? Are they clear and open? If they are blocked the energy within you can create physical illness. How are your dreams? They help us in receiving information regarding our psyche and astral travels. Scan your consciousness, to help you align with your Higher Self.

What is the Higher Self? This is the hologram of our Soul that can manifest the best version of our selves here in our incarnated body. When we are align to our Soul, we live in our creative expression. We are in the space of inner connectivity with all that is. The universe of our soul is where all the stars and planets are align, creating a symphony of the language of our creation. Our body systems are like these planets, they need to communicate in alignment for our highest good. If they are not in synche with each other, they will let us know by showing physical disease. The body parts are interrelated with our emotions, mental thoughts and energy. Everything is interconnected. The force field that holds this body is the holy spirit that is a spark from the creation of all that is. The I am presence that we have, is the sacred space that is the bond or glue to the Source or God of light. When we are awake or aware of this magnificence luminous presence.

How can we get to this space of connectivity? We have to be aware of the information that we are interpreting and assimilating in our complex systems. This information takes space, time, and energy in our multi-dimensional selves. We are fractals or the micro-cosm of the universe. Every little fragments or aspects of our being namely mental, emotional, etheric and astral bodies that we have has to be in unison with our Higher Self. These vibrations will create a force field that will interpret anything is not vibrating with our Higher Self.

To simplify and ground this information, for example in a relationship with another person you find that you felt abandoned. Ask your self, and reflect why are you feeling this way? Where is this coming from? Journal with your Akashic Records and you find out that the roots of abandonment is your relationship with your father. Now, you can release this and ask the Masters of Light to help you transmute this energy in your system. Invoke St. Germain and the Violet Flame to help you clear abandonment in all timeliness, dimensions, space and reality. Ask Archangel Chamuel to infuse the pink light in your heart chakra for unconditional love to flow with all your systems.

We are never alone, we have the Ascended Masters, Archangels and angels, spiritual teams and guides, Benevolent beings of light and loved ones to assist us in connecting to our Higher Selves. By being conscious and invoking them in our presence, we create a strong force field in all our creations. Be aware, awake, align and activate your universal self in this amazing hologram of your beautiful Soul. We are One!

Blessings of miracles,



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