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The Illusory Bubble of Fear of Sexually Abused Children

The children who are sexually abused are carrying a lot of lower vibratory emotional frequency namely guilt, shame, anger, doubt, sadness, insecurity, fear of intimacy, commitment and success. They are unconscious about these energetic imprints in their energy fields, as they grow up and find themselves in unhealthy relationships with themselves and others. There are many things that scare them when they get into relationships and bonding. They feel that they are not good enough for the other person. Feeling guilty about their feelings they run away from opportunities to be intimate with others.

Creating an illusory bubble to protect ourselves can becomes a two edge sword because it prevents us from creating love and intimacy with others. The fear creates an illusion of entrapment that feels suffocating, when being intimate with another. The comfort zone becomes fear not love. The fragmentation that happens with the soul when traumatized needs to be align and grounded to its body. Most fear is from the inner child archetype. The inner child needs a voice and freedom to speak for itself. Needs to be empowered and know that it will be safe to love someone. You need to see why the mind created this bubble. The mind protects you from being insane because of the emotional and mental trauma. In order to survive we create the bubble from being close to someone. Thus creating this in our realities. Our reality is our mirror to what is within.

This illusory bubble can expand and we can get lost in the illusion of fear. It creates a multi or dual personalities for survival benefits. It can create delusion or paranoia because of the fragmentation of the soul, mind and  emotional body. The inner child being unable to save itself creates a Messiah complex where someone had the need to save the world from the negative force. Because the inner child feels guilty of not being able to save itself. Fear breeds separation. When one has this unconsciously, we are not aware of our consciousness. We are run by fear and we don’t fully open our hearts to what is real. The fear magnifies within and we become numb to our emotions. We suppress our emotions and our body is run by our mental thoughts. Running in fear template, we become attached to suffering. We need to know the intention behind all our actions and know what consciousness is it running by? The negative unconscious thoughts that we have will bring negative situations to us. The awareness of our vibration will determine our situations.

Our conditioning from our parents become our templates for our emotions and mental thoughts. We write our stories based on how we see theirs. They become our mirrors and when our mirrors are cloudy, we get confused and we can’t find clarity and directions in our current dispositions. It is important to know that energetically we are connected to these cords between our parents and karmic bondage with them. We need to be able to forgive and let go of the harm that was done to us. To be able to move forward, we need to clear energetically and soulfully. Without this, we are stuck in the same pattern or cycle of negative events in our lives. Releasing them in our energetic fields and consciousness will create a new template of love, compassion and empowerment.

Bursting this bubble of fear, we open ourselves to what is our true path. The path of love and light. We open our hearts and souls to new realities, new growth of love and we start to feel and see love for what it is. The unconditional love for ourselves and others. We feel one and lighter with our walks of life. We attain freedom and liberation from suffering. We become open to what is and limitless possibilities to our expansion as souls. We are connected to the Divine blueprints of our souls.

When light penetrates our existence, fear dissipates. Two things can’t occupy the same space. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. This love magnifies everything that our hearts desires, when we are living in our blueprints which are the Akashic Records. We increase the quotient of light that we have when we align our Chakra energy centers and tap into our Records. We live in the universal energy connecting to the Divine mind of the Source of all that is. We choose our thoughts, emotions, words and actions that vibrates in the highest frequency for our highest good. We now belong to this new energy of love and evolved consciousness. Know what are the things or emotions that you had kept within these bubbles of fear. Let go of them and know that they are illusions. Ask your spiritual guides for assistance and directions, they are always listening. Begin a new pathway of loving without these bubbles. Wide open and trusting, totally surrendering to the unknown. Create these lifetimes with joy, love and grace for whatever happened in the darkness are doors for light to come in and be a space of love.


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