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We are born to manifest because we are from the Creator of our lives. The divinity in us is our connection to abundance. The Law of manifestation applies not only in manifesting things that we want but connection to our deepest core which is the spirit. The universe conspires with what we want, and when we are unconscious of what we are about then the confused complexities of life deals us with whatever we put our attention to. Awareness of what we truly are is the basic step into manifestation. When we know that we are consciousness, we are everything that we see and don’t see, we become awake in our everyday moments. When we are align with our thoughts, words and actions, we bring it to our physical dimension. So in order to bring positive things in our lives we have to know if we are in alignment to the  source. If we are not manifesting things that we want then we need to know where we put our attention to.

We have to ask questions on our relationships with everything, are we truly happy and fulfilled in our existence? Are we in congruent with our thoughts and feelings? Sometimes we have forgotten that our heart or emotions are truly important in manifesting. The power of thoughts combined with strong emotions as if we already have them is the secret to this attraction. When there is no unwavering faith then the result is here. We have to be aware where is our attention and we will recognized that those are most of the things that come out in our reality. Beliefs play an important role in this field, in order to put it out there you have to know what you are putting inside your self and thoughts. What’s inside is what comes out.

The field of thoughts are the first ones to investigate, catch yourself when you are thinking negatively then you’ll be aware of them and snap out of it! Change the thoughts by putting positive affirmations and everyday mantra in your every day living. These are like spiritual muscles you need to develop strong good beliefs and positive thoughts in your self. So that you will not identify with the Ego’s negative self talk. Those are the voices in the head that keeps popping out and they make you believe that you are not good enough.

Secondly, Feel good about yourself and where you are right now. Forgive yourself and move on. If you find that you have the Addict archetype, acknowledge it, forgive yourself and reconcile with your mistakes. There is nothing else that you’d rather do than become a forever victim of your circumstances. You are here to be victorious and together with your loved ones you will make a difference in this world.

Thirdly, appreciate your blessings in your life right now. You are here for a purpose and all the things that you want to happen will come true when you are in this gratitude mode. The more you are grateful for little things the more they come in bigger packages. You are meant to be big because you came from God. You are born to be a star, think positive, be like God, and share your wealth of wisdom to others. The most important things in life are the ones that you can’t see and touch, they are about love, joy and peace. When you have these you are manifesting in the way that God wants you to live your life in accordance with the greatest laws of the universe.

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