You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

The light activation of God’s love



We are here to radiate and shine God’s light and love for us, to help others see their own light. As mirrors of God’s reflections we see others souls as essence of God’s love for us. We are here to experience love in our core being, because of our physical density, DNA make up from our past ancestors and lineage, cellular memories and consciousness we forget our Divine light. When God created us, God wanted infinitesimal fragments of God’s souls which is all of us. This light that holds the love vibrations of God in our core being and essence is the spirit of God’s breathe in our physical body. We are made of multidimensional layers of energy and light particles that contains the crystalline fields of our molecular anatomy. The microcosm and macrocosm of our existence in the universal mind of God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. We are Divine beings of light and love when we align and activate our consciousness with the Divine’s blueprint for our existence.

Activating this Divine energy in our core being, aligning our mind and hearts together, opening the Chakra energy centers, transcending our consciousness with forgiveness and unconditional love for all sentient beings, we become one with God’s love for us. We will see beyond the veil and feel love, peace, joy and bliss in our existence. Our experiences are going to be of love not from fear. We are the observers of what is manifesting in our fields and know that we have the power to shift anything that needs light. Problems don’t affect us anymore, they become windows of opportunities for us to explore. We are the masters of our experiences, choosing love rather than fear.

Forgive your enemies, they are shadows of your soul. When you are able to forgive you are able to accept these shadows in your essence. You become fully in love with all aspects of yourself, just love no judgement, live fully as is, laugh with joy and dance your life away. Life is a creation with the Divine’s Sacred dance and rhythm of God’s love for us. We are one with our Sacred lives in everything that we think, say or do. Life is Sacred, precious gift and manifestation of God’s love for us. This space is available for all of us when we attune to this Divine energy within us. We are able to dissipate darkness with our light and help others see their light.

Humanity is going through a major shift and transition into this light consciousness. We are shifting to our multidimensional state of our consciousness. Our energy and vibrational frequency is shifting with mother Earth’s changes within the planetary, universal and cosmic alignments that is happening in our fields. We are nurture by the sun and we grow within connecting our light into this nourishing glow of the magnificent sun. Our moon is our emotional body, that connects us to the floodgates of our hearts. It reflects and affects us in our emotional and mental fields. The planetary movements affect our archetypal and astrological birth dates. When we are born, we receive these archetypal and planetary blueprints of our souls. As everything is connected in space and energy so as our existence and the universal fields. There is no time and space in this soul continuum, when you live in your multidimensional state of being. You become the anchor of this light for others. You magnetize beautiful experiences when you ground and shine your light to others.

Creation is an important part of your existence. To create with your heart’s desires with passion is your gift to humanity. Everyone is design to create their soul’s blueprint. The question is are you ready to create your highest potential? When you create, it is the heart that magnifies this manifestation. Your passion and attention will determine the result but without action the universe will remain in suspension. Intention will collapse this suspension and create action. The activation of your light consciousness will connect you into the full embodiment of your soul’s purpose. What are you waiting for? This life is yours, create, expand, shine your bright light in the universal fields of God’s love for you and others.

Blessings of love and light!

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