You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

The linear time is collapsing


We are in these accelerated times and events of our lifetimes, when we are called to choose which path to take. There are only choices or freewill that will create where you are going to be in this transition. Listen with your heart and whatever vibrates in the vibration of love and light is less dense and heavy. Forgiveness is a big key to hold you in this vibration, balancing the karmic effect of your past lives and past contracts with all that you have done, said and created into your souls consciousness or the collective consciousness of the Akashic field.

As you open your channels for these desires, vibrations of love and light, you will feel deep love for all. As you trust your higher selves, you will create whatever is in your inner selves. Our mind is a powerful tool that we know we create our own realities. With this in mind, we have all the probabilities and possibilities in this lifetime to create peace, harmony and love in the midst of this transition. As we create we can release the things that doesn’t vibrate in higher frequency. Our doom and gloom set of mind which is created and came from the fear frequency will not be in your field when you are aware of your thoughts. Stop the insanity, be still and love your selves. When you truly love your selves you have no time nor the energy to be in the lower vibrations. Sufferings are created in this vibrations, we are not about this but we are about love. We just forgot where we came from, our eternal souls are here with us, let us be happy and vibrate in this field of sweetness and kindness.

The lessons that you are going to learn are tools for your closure to the other dimensions of the past, we have the power to release, cut the cords so to speak from these lower densities of vibrations and set them free with love and healing intentions. There is are no enemies in this dimensions that I tap but only love, you can also tap this dimension when you are open and have access to the Akashic fields. The collective consciousness of our species and other species are here open and willing to operate within your intentions, when you vibrate in this frequency. You have accumulated the merits and had balance the karmic effect of your past and bring into your present moment the future events that you will create with the power of your mind and soul connection.

The mind, body and soul is aligned and connected to the Source of all. We are living in this multidimensions, it’s time to wake up and choose which way you are going to live? how you are going to love? what you will create? I’m calling you to listen to your heart and feel the emotions that are stuck in the past or pain bodies that you are not aware of. There is no time to lose but only now, listen carefully and when the door of your heart opens and release all that is not of high frequency vibrations, you will tap into the healing of your consciousness.

Live simple lives, by managing your energy. Take only things that are of love and light dimensions. When you are around people that are “vampires” energetically sucking or draining you out, stop and become a detached observant of the drama. Say to yourself, ” listen, stop the insanity and don’t go there”.  As you are introduce to this new way of thinking or frame of mind, you will be more aware of these situations happening to you because the Universe is telling you that there are more to learn or creating these for you to practice. When you become a Master of your energy then these incidents will stop coming and won’t even fizzle you in your daily lives. You become the space of love and you are one with all. Others who are blind will not even create a ripple in your stillness like a still river, no ripples but one flow of love one with itself.

In the past our Earth is just like us, we were in the “victim consciousness” as human species vibrate in this lower density as in fear, manipulations, power hunger or the egoic mind identifies itself, because of our identity crises we needed to attach to our existence and we delude ourselves that what we have created or have as in possessions are us. We become illusionary of our truth, we knew that we are eternal souls but because of our reptilian brain, it  can not comprehend that what is seen is not real. That our mind can only transcend this understanding, when we transform and have done our work of unveiling the truth. We are now in this dimensions, the veil is thinning and lifted for most spiritualists.

These are the times of our shift, the quantum leap, we create our realities and our mind, body and soul are align to the frequency of love and light. We are living in these multi dimensions of everything that we created in our thoughts. Our emotional, mental, astral and etheric bodies are align and there will be no leak in our energy vertexes. We dance with our inner selves in other dimensions flowing freely without fear, living in parallel universe of our selves, meeting souls that we called forth to exist in our fields, creating oneness in our transitions to align with other beings in harmony with each others space. We are co existing with them since eons of time, we are now open to allow these ancient teachings to create a space of love.

The new children of our new Earth are highly attune to the vibrations of crystals, they are clear and precise in their souls purpose. As they are called forth by our souls consciousness, these are the times that will connect us to the Eden paradise theory that I created. This is our souls contracts to be here and as we live here in the third dimension, we are also growing in the other dimensions that we tap or create.

In my evolution, it was shown to me the other parallel universe that I was tapping into which is the Angels realm. As I grow in that realm, I was also doing my angelic energy in this third dimension. But truly there is no difference between these two realities, both of which create love and light. My only challenge is to balance my energy and allow the flow of these multi dimensions that I tap into. I needed to breakdown barriers of dimensions, time and space. When I saw my self growing in the angels realm then I self realized that we are one in many dimensions.

My angel self and my physical self is growing and living as one self in many dimensions. A holographic sense of nature, my selves are one in many souls. We are specks of dust in the huge dessert of creations. Many universes in the galaxy of our dimensions. We will never comprehend the vast space that we are living and connected to but we can tune into their frequencies when we are open to these teachings as we become a portal of love and light for these energies to occupy us. When we channel these high frequencies we become a vehicle of truth and oneness. There is no shame or doubt in these vibrations because you are always guided in these teachings.

You will find yourself allowing these transmissions of light because we are one when we tune into their vibrations. You are holding these frequencies and align to broadcast to others who resonate in the same vibratory frequencies of love and light. Begin the works of love and evolve in this magnificent lifetimes. The linear times are collapsing, take your space in this teachings as they are given to you to manifest and align the energetic movements of your current Earth. When you open these teachings to others you create more healing for your species and your future are more in trust and in the flow of love and creative source. There is no time to wait, it is now only the time that you are given. Create love and peace in your space, love, live and evolve!


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