You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

The Path of a Conscious Observer


We are blessed to witness the amazing complexities of life. Our “third eye” are being awaken to lift the veils of separation. We are accelerating our frequencies of light and information. The spiritual dimension are being experienced because of the thinning of veil that is now upon us. The sacred geometry of the creations are being revealed to us to understand and receive activations within our DNA and subconscious level.

The synergy of all fragments of creation become one in harmonious motion. The I becomes We, we are one. The observer is within us and wants to be at one with all that it sees. The seer is one with all creations. There is no separation. When we become the space and the seer, there will be no war or judgements just one with all that is. This is the space of nirvana. No sufferings, all is love.

How do we get to that space of oneness? We have to create a rippling effect of love, light, and peace. By being a conscious observer. We are  creating sparks of light that will increase the quotient of light into our Mother Earth. We are the conscious observers, we know how we vibrate and how our thoughts are calibrating in spectrum of light vibrations.

The higher the frequency the greater the light and energy we produced. Our map of consciousness will help us detect our vibrations.  The emotions that are vibrating towards love and light are high in this spectrum of consciousness. They bring us situations that are loving and creative.

How to be a conscious observer?

1. Do a body scan. How is your state of mind? How do you feel? How is your spirit? What is in your surrounding?





Be simple and clear, by tuning into your consciousness you are able to see where you are in the spectrum of light. The heavy, shadows or negative aspects mean you can transmute them with the Masters of Light. Invoke St. Germain and the Violet Flame to transmute any energies that is not calibrating in a higher frequency. Call Archangel Michael and the blue ray to cut any cords of attachments that is not serving your highest good.

2. Meditate and open your Akashic Records and see where these densities are coming from. Reflect and heal. Bring everything into the frequency of love and light. Feel free from any heaviness. Close and thank the spiritual Masters that worked with you.

3. Create a ritual of meditation and reflection daily. Walk in nature and ground yourself. Be the conscious observer and witness the beauty of our perfect universe.

Blessings of miracles,



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