You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

The Pleiadian message


As we go through this transformation, we are being called to assist and bring in the intentions of your soul’s purpose. The healing of humanity is upon your hands and voice, the rippling effect will bring in the cataclysmic effect of this shift that we are talking about. There is no time and space in this dimension, the light beings are here to guide and lighten up your path. Don’t be in fear of discrimination, this is not for those who are going to judge you by the definition of insanity. You are are here to be unique, a magnificent soul and light being, there is no shadow in this information of Light. You will remember what you already know, there is nothing to study because it is all within your cellular and molecular codes.

When you bring out the love that you feel from your heart and soul, you bring the essence of these light beings. There is nothing that will harm or stop your work of love. People will come and knock on your door for wisdom and knowledge. You will be a vessel of Light and love. These libraries of information in the Akasha will be release as you go through this mission and intentions of healing the humanity’s consciousness. The Light that you are allowing to penetrate these human beings that comes to you will radiate this grid of love and light through the multi dimensions that you tapped. The star beings are here being reactivated and aligned to their soul’s purpose. Love, enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The channels of truth, compassionate love, passionately driven purpose that you carry will direct these teachings to others who are ready to receive these higher teachings from the Pleiadians. These light beings have been in contact eons of time ago. We are going to communicate and will transmute these energies that is not of Light. There will be a cataclysmic effect of all the negative motions that are created in the spiritual realm. There is no more hiding, shine and bloom where you are planted. The Earth is going to be very active these weeks to come, we are going to experience an accelerated path for the years to come. We are going to be here to continually guide and support you in these changes.

Your consciousness has been transmuted into the universal consciousness of the Divine teachings of the higher light beings that you have contacted. Once it is revealed that you are going to be an instrument of this Divine peace that is now needed to be brought upon this human race, we will be going forth with the messages that we have been giving through all the teachers of Light that is now in your planet. There is no waiting time for these to be broad casted within all that is encoded into their genetics and within all that is conscious and waiting for the fire that will ignite and create this passion driven goals to save your race.

The wars that you are now involve will not dissipate as long as your leaders are not transformed, transmuted into their genetics link into the Light beings but as long as they are carrying the “fear” agenda of the Reptilian genes they will not get it because they are genetically link to this race. When you are awake you will be determining the factors of your actions, when you are aware of your actions if they are coming from fear or separation then they are not the agenda of these light beings. They are from the dark force, this is not to alarm, you who have ears, this is to wake you up from these illusions that had been creations of time. Open your energetic ears and truly listen within your inner self and heart if they are talking of peace or what is the motivation behind all of these tactics. You have been living in illusions and controlled world. The leaders that you choose are just as good as garbage or puppets within this collective agenda of the money hungers. Do you ever asked yourself if this is for the good of us, why are we killing others for the sake of what?

This human race will not ascend if we don’t stop the ways we think and act towards each other. Your ascension will depend on what your collective consciousness will amount to, meaning we have the ability to change our vibrations if we all contribute to transmuting and transforming our energetic imprints. We need to clear our ways of having  ill feelings toward each other. Our hearts need to purify, ignite the Divine Light that is within us. Transmute anything that is not of light. We are all about energy, vibration, light and sound. Before you become a human being you were once an energy, a light being, a soul then you chose to incarnate because you have souls mission and that is simply all about love. You are here to give and receive love. If we all love ourselves there will be no war, no separation and fear. The illusions are all created in the mind consciousness, once it’s clear, you become a transmitter of love and Light.

Humanity needed to wake up, the dawn is here. This message was given to you, listen and follow your heart. The energy of love, compassion, forgiveness, truth, joy, peace and harmony is here, welcome them and allow this flow in your life. Anchor the higher teachings from the Pleiadians to bring in the new consciousness and let these vessels of grace be in your present moment. Whenever you embrace these feelings, you open your heart and allow these light beings to surround you. They can not come to you when you have a closed heart. It is the purified hearts that these teachings dwell. The heart house has to be clear before we can come to you. The messages that you are reading is but a mirror of your inner selves. Everything is holographic, you live within this dimension. The nine dimensions that were given in the Alchemy of Nine by Barbara Hand Clow is a work of love and Light.

There are more people that are now awakening so to speak, you bring remembrance of their souls when you activate these Pleiadian teachings. The Light is here, call on our protection and we are there. Remember there is no space and time. Eternally, we are connected. We have come back here to give testimony to the enlightenment of human evolution of consciousness. The awareness of your souls will be activated, connected and recalibrating to the core cellular and molecular level of your DNA and RNA codings. The 12 strands will be activated, re calibrated and reconnected to the Divine Light encodings. You have come from these stars, you have forgotten. Now that you are aligned, it is your responsibility to be a Light for others. The choice is yours and we are here to support, guide, and teach you the ways to ascension.

The Akashic Records in the first dimension of Earth or Gaia is the collective consciousness or the living library of your planet Earth. Everything that happened eons of years ago was put into this realm. Everything has consciousness, alive and carries the Divine code. The Universal Laws carries all that is, we are all recycled and we keep repeating the cycles of life when we keep repeating our mistakes. We follow the Law of Karma, once you become conscious of your actions, thoughts or words, you become awake and learned the lesson. Moving on to the next lessons in this lifetime. Your soul is now in this higher dimensions. There is no separation in Oneness. We are clear in our lower bodies such as our chakra energy systems are now aligned and open to the cosmic portal and Earth portal of energy transmissions. You become a transmitter of love and Light when you’re  energetically aligned, your higher selves are also in alignment to the higher dimensions that you tapped into. The star systems, planetary,galactic and universal energy are here transmitting to you where you came from and what you are receiving informations from.

God is the Universal energy, the cosmic and the Body that you carry. You are a vehicle of Light. The religions that you created are from the history of your genes. There is no separation of religions in this realm. We are all connected spiritually, universally and physically. There is no separation in each of us if you see others as you. Your inner or Third eye is being activated and reconnected to the inner self and soul. The Divine Trinity that Christians are believing is similar to the trinity of Cosmic which is God in the Universal Energy and Light, the Spirituality which is the Soul of Humanity and the Body is the Humanity as the Son of God ascended into Earth. The Divine Consciousness is within all of us, when we aligned our energy centers and multidimensional selves into this flow of grace. The Divinity of human consciousness will be ascending in this method. We are in this era of Light, energy, sound Vibrations higher dimensions of our higher selves. We will experiencea quantum shift into our own perceptions, thoughts and words. Our view will be coming from a soul perspective, from the higher self you will see the world’s view as a playground and you will manifest all that is within and create things in your external world. The soul becomes the point where you see how life is. Your body will be aligned to these teachings as you ascend and tap into these dimensions.

Be mindful of your heart, this is the vortex of everything, the portal of your manifestation, creation and passion. The fire within your heart will ignite this quench for knowing, the eternal search that humanity seems to befall. You are eternal, soul that chooses to incarnate at this time of acceleration of energy, time and space. The black hole that we are going to pass through will be another portal of vortex to create this enlightenment era. When we pass the darkness, comes the light. The Light that we are going to see or live by will be the next phase of our human consciousness when we meet the Divine consciousness and become aware of our Divinity. Connecting us to the Divine code that we just forgot that we have, aligning to our souls purpose of being a transmitter of love and Light to help others in their ascension. We are being use to be these instrumentsof Light. Wake up, be aware and balance your selves, the challenges that you are going to face is to be clear in all your energetic fields to create this alignment from the Cosmic energy, down to your Earth portal energy. Anchoring all these dimensions into your being, becoming a vehicle of Light and love to all.


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  1. jazi 8 years ago

    wow! thank you so very much for this information. I am diligently working on opening and filling my heart with love to share with as many as possible.
    this info helps me greatly in this process. any return blessings with lots of love.:)

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