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The Power of Emotions and Akashic Records



Our hearts hold the power house for creations, together with our alignment with the universal mind of God. When our hearts are closed or blocked we are unable to tap into the vastness and expansive selves that we are. Thus, creating a gap for our desires to come true.

What are these blockages from our heart chakra energy centre? These come from the energy fields and our Akashic Records. Starting from unhealed or unresolved relationships from others, past lives incarnations, DNA and family ancient lineage that we inherited. These energetic imprints produced lower emotional vibrations such as anger, shame, guilt and other unconscious conditioning or patterns of negative energy.

Our hearts store these magnifying force fields which is stronger than what our brain holds. According to the recent Scientific research the heart, like the brain, generates a powerful electromagnetic field.”The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG).”Knowing these facts make us realize that we are more connected to this force of universal energy. With this in mind, we will unravel the mystery of the mystical journeys of our hearts.

Our hearts hold the wisdom of our souls. When we open our hearts and allow forgiveness for others, we create the magical bond of love and create oneness in our existence. Without forgiveness we are lost in the dark because we attached ourselves to the shadows of our souls. Our souls are light and it carries trillions of informations that we can tap into. These informations or knowledge turns into wisdom and finds home within our hearts. They are triggered when we ask questions.

When we meet others for the first time, sometimes our hearts beat fast and act like we already know these people. It is because our hearts have consciousness and memories of our past lives, incarnations and Sacred Contracts. We are meant to meet these souls in this timeline or lifetime because we made a contract with them. Even if negative situations arise from these relationships it is still a contract. Negative situations make us learn our lessons or make us stronger and transcend our selves as human beings. This is about finding the treasures in darkness. We find light in the darkness that make us beacons of light for others.

When we want to create, we have to start with naming what feelings do we want to feel? What makes us feel alive and vibrant? These are our compass toward our soul’s purpose and heart driven lives. When we connect and know these core feelings, our intentions for our creations become clear and free from distractions. We are being guided by our hearts and we are in the flow on the universal energy. We become co creators of our desires and we collaborate with the Source of creations.

Opening the Akashic Records help release blockages and energetic imprints from our hearts consciousness. The vibrations of the Akashic fields help us to evolve in our souls growth and ascension process. It aligns us to our highest potential and highest good of all humanity. As we heal our hearts and souls Records, we create a rippling effect in our collective consciousness because our hearts receive this in our electromagnetic fields. It allows others who are vibrating in lower emotional frequency to receive these codes of light and they become attune to their positive vibration.

Steps in opening your heart and Akashic Records:

1. Create a sacred space for meditation. Light a candle.

2. Open your Akashic Records and say this prayer, ” I forgive consciously or unconsciously myself for hurting others. I forgive others consciously or unconsciously for hurting me.” Feel that in your heart, put your right hand in your heart.

3. Say this release prayer ” I release any attachments, beings, entities, souls, unconscious negative beliefs, patterns, conditioning, bonding from my energy fields to go back to the Source of love and light. Let it be with love and grace.”

4. Ask questions regarding your patterns or blockages from your Akashic Records.

5. Don’t resist, judge or fear what is given.

6. These messages are for you to feel and listen. Allow this energy to flow in your body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

7. Thank the Ascended Masters, angels or spiritual guides for helping you. Thank the Lords of the Akashic Records and close the Records.

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