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The power of lifting the veil of illusion



Relationships are tools to guide you in what you needed to see about yourself. The experiences that you had as a child were programmed into your subconscious mind that if you are not aware, they will come to you in unconscious state of mind. These dramas or schema will trigger your fears and you will only be aware of these subtle signs when you truly open your heart and mind to healing. The heart opens like a lotus ready to bloom into its beautiful presence from the muddy Earth.

Cycles of our patterns is a clear indication of our unresolved emotional and mental wounds. The one that you attract into your relationships are people that will point to you what you need to heal. This is not easy to detect because we look at the dramas as separated from us. We tend to blame or see others as separated from our selves so the problems become theirs not ours. We then trigger our coping mechanisms such as flight or flee, running away from our problems is never going to solve what we are trying to heal. Our mind is not built to solve with the same mind that created the problem. Unless we heal our consciousness and see that everything that is in our energetic fields is our creation then we can not see what we need to heal. Our physical realities are our projections, therefore we are responsible for all our creations and manifestations. Our ego, emotions and mental thoughts destruct us from the flow of our souls evolution. But if you take these blockages as tools to achieve happiness and healing we can become empower and see beyond the veil of illusions.

Acceptance of ourselves is the first step into knowing our wounds. When we see others just like us, like mirrors then we will realized that if we see them with unconditional love and soul’s point of view with compassion and kindness. We will know more about ourselves and others, that truly we are just one fragmented parts of our souls. Growing up with criticism, I realized that I’m easy to judge others. When I stop judging myself and just allow this self love to grow and see others as parts of myself, I became one with all that is. I learn to accept my self with unconditional love.

Allowing the flow of life will take you into your path of healing when you listen to what the universe is telling you. Listening takes stillness of the mind, reflection and aligning your mind with your heart’s desires. Happiness is achieve when someone abides in the present moment and know that everything passes away. Peace and joy will be there when someone becomes one with themselves. Whatever emotions is reveal to you connect, feel and ask your self where is these coming from? When we ask we connect to the mysteries of the universe, we are given the answers from within and our higher self which is our soul. We become align to our heart’s desires.

Trusting that there is light in the midst of darkness will give you faith into a new and expansive universal mind that you connect. This new energy of happiness and bliss will transmute all that is not of light or vibrating in the lower frequencies of negative emotions of fear. Love is the answer to healing our fears. This is not achieve until someone realizes that love is within and self love will be the first step into our healing. When I ask this question ” if I truly love myself what would I be doing in this situation? I get the answers because I connect to loving myself.

Whatever state you are in is where you are suppose to be. Accept and allow this flow and let the divine energy of love heals your soul. This is your lifetime and you are here to experience love and happiness. Become the co creator of your dreams with so much love, abundance and happiness that we have in our hands, when we take the time to see beyond the fears and illusions of our ego. Let’s lift these veils and empower our souls in this lifetime.

Blessings of love and light!

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