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The Rescuer Archetype


This template is about rescuing others in their sufferings. The paradox in this archetype is learning to rescue yourself in the midst of helping others. The lessons are about boundaries and not attaching yourself to the outcome or result of your help. When there are attachments or expectations, you loose your balance. You get frustrated to the relationship with the other person that you are helping. Most caregivers or healers have this template as they have the drive to help others. We feel like heroes, what do we really get from doing this?

Examine your motivations, ask questions that will lead you to the truth. Why do you want to help? This introspection can help you find the true meaning behind rescuing. You will feel attune to this archetype and understand what is the lesson of your actions. It is very empowering when you self- realized that you are rescuing others and it is time to contain your energy on helping yourself. You are here to be a light by your presence. You do not need to rescue others to be a light. Be present and listen to them and you will find that the energy is lighter and there is no attachment with what they are going through.

When you are an empath, feeling others pain and energy. You are very conducive to helping others and you like to save others from their misery. By having this need, you get lost in the entanglement. You become a part of the difficulty not a solution. This vampire archetype drains your power, it unconsciously feed on your energy. You have to be aware of your center and filter the things that are coming into your fields.

This rescuing energy originated from our ancient lineage of survival. When you grow up with an addict archetype such as alcoholic parents, you have within you a lower vibration of abandonment. There are a lot of lower emotional frequencies that are attached to your energy system. These emotions of anger, separation, anxiety, dis-trust, abandonment, rejection, resentment and many others can be the perfect ground to have the rescuer template. The roots of this is about attention, we all want validation. And when we do not get this right at the get go, we act to get this attention that we are missing in our childhood. We hunt for those who needs us. We attract them, those who are vulnerable so we can rescue. We want to be recognized about our good intentions. But in the middle of this, we get lost. We loose our own identity and we get attached.

To transcend this Rescuer Archetype, we need to know our lesson and heal our relationships with those that had harmed us. To let go of things that did not work for us. We can find our balance and see others with a lighter perspective. By being present, we can help others without expectation and attachment. This  is the lighter path for our rescuer template. Be free!

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