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The Things That Hook Us


In our world of addictions, we all have one form or another that gives us relief or comfort when we are feeling alone, sad or abandoned. This state of condition can hook us to things that are habituating. It meant the more we do it, the more it persists. We are creatures of habits, we do things for pleasure or pain. This triggers our neuro-pathways, from our old programming and conditioning. For example, someone says to you that you look fat. You have a disdain taste from this person who criticized you. You got triggered. This is a hook. It can happen every time until we get clear of what we want to do with this or what is it that this hook is teaching us?

Examining the situations and looking deep within as an observer, can help you step backward and not take things personal. When you choose to go beyond this hook, you are able to get what you needed to integrate. As you look at your own emotions when it arises, it brings you to the present moment. You create a space of openness. This is not about the other person, this is all about you on how you can empower yourself.

Look back on your past patterns and you will find the roots of this hook. Somewhere in your childhood you were badly criticized  by your brother or your friend. This is deeply embedded in your subconscious mind. The projections that are appearing in your energy fields is a fractal of your subconscious mind. To help you integrate the parts that are not in alignment for the highest version of your self.

In order for us to get into this space, we need to meditate. This spiritual tool helps us to understand how our mind can confuse us in many ways. How we identify to others words and opinions of us. We gain clarity and freedom from the practice of meditation. We learn not to react but to have a space of openness and detachment from the others opinions. The hooks dissipate and we get clear. We meet our triggers and face it with compassion and acceptance. We become forgiving and understanding about our selves and others.

We are all in the same boat. We make mistakes. We forgive and let go. We learn to trust our own feelings and express our truth. We let go of our hooks and become detached to others opinions of ourselves. We grow with love and peace. We choose who we want to surround ourselves with. Truth is being able to speak from the heart without judgement of others. By being in this space of peace, we can create miracles in our relationships. This is a sacred life, let us speak of ourselves and others in beautiful ways. In our thoughts, words and actions let us bring the vibrations of light and harmony to create a peaceful universe.

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