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The Trickster Archetype



This archetype can be tricky, using humor or laughters to reveal the truth. What is hiding behind this mask? The light aspect is to transcend the convention, predictable behavior and make light of the hypocrisy and absurdity. When you have this archetype, you will find that it is challenging to be truthful to your own inner self. There is a denial of your own emotional truth. You externalize this hidden emotions by masking it with humor instead of facing what is bothering you.

There is a tendency to withdraw what you are feeling at the moment and unable to convey what you needed to express. Because it is a behavior and pattern, one has to be aware of its own default. No one can point his out to you but be an observer of your own patterns and how you are keeping things to yourself. The Trickster knows what is going on and can sometimes manipulate situations to hide deeper emotions within. Not facing its own shadows can be a disempowering state of mind. Because it gets stuck deeper in the unconscious and can paralyzed its power to unleash this drama.

It gets entangled in the process of recreating old stories of victim stories. Unable to distinguish why he is attached to the story of the victim. It is a form of escape when one does not see within but only see the projections of others. This can lead to more suffering which if the collective unconscious state of our mind.

The Trickster finds the lightness of things that seems heavy and illumined the mind not to take things seriously. The Light in the darkness, he is able to merge what is truth underlying his actions and finally able to be free of his unnecessary actions to perform humor in the midst of challenges. This is the mastery of navigation in the midst of the dark night of the soul. Being able to see Light and not to take things seriously, that all is well and this too will pass.

Taking the Trickster into a higher and deeper level of truth and acceptance. Self- acceptance is important in creating a fulfilled and content Self. When we reached this state of belonging, we self recognized that we are loved no matter what. We let go of things that separate us in the get go and become less judgemental of others condition. We all have our own divine timing to understand our own selves. Let us not waste time in trying to figure out others realizations. It is not upon us to take this responsibility on how and when others will find the answers to their own soul’s search.

Perfect as it is, we can be our foolish selves, to see and accept others for what is appearing to be real. It is an illusion of thy own self when projecting to others what is not real. Fooling our own self the deep emotions that we truly long to convey. This is an interesting archetype to watch. The Trickster the mind tricking the heart. With that said, the heart which is vulnerable and sensitive wants to feel safe and so the mind will put up a front to protect its vulnerability.

The Trickster wants to maneuver what the mind thinks and what the hearts truly feel. It is a mask that we wear because we are afraid deep within to get hurt. Once the stage is set up, the trickster will play but when openness and vulnerability is offered the fool shifts, as if there is a radical change in the air. Defense mechanism sets in unwilling to show its vulnerability. What is the lesson that the trickster brings? How can we become aware that this archetype attain trust? The deep layer of insecurity that the trickster is hiding is about trust. The inability to receive trust and love from the parents during formative years. The Trickster hides behind the isolation. When triggered with intimacy the fool backs off and put up a defense wall. This is a sign that the fool is not comfortable with what it feels. Hiding behind the mask is a sensitive soul that longs to feel safe.

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