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The Virus of not being loved

The physical manifestation of our suffering is a metaphor of what we are feeling inside ourselves. I reflected and asked my Higher Self and the Elohims of the Temple of Peace and Aloha, why this is happening in our collective right now? There is a lot of fear, panic and death around us. As a light worker, I do not pay attention to lower vibrations of our collective but to focus on love and what I can contribute that will elevate our collective consciousness.

I asked my spiritual guides today, what is the deeper meaning of why humanity is suffering from “corona virus?” The answer that I received is this, “the virus is a metaphor that humanity has deep unconscious fear of annihilation and separation from the love of the Source of all that is. It started when we incarnated in our physical form and became unconscious that we are always interconnected to the Source or God.

The virus is the deep sadness within our lungs. This pandemic will help us release and become more aware of what our collective unconscious is suffering from. The fear of love. The virus is going through deep clearing of grief of humanity. It is teaching us to let go of our collective fear, abandonment and isolation from love, which is the most powerful force in the universe.

This emotion of separation is deeply embedded within our collective consciousness, when we were separated from the womb of our mothers. We were unconscious of this spirit of separation when we left our cocoon. Then, we grew up and create more unconscious relationships that will lead us back to the feeling of separation from the Source of love.

This state of void, breeds insecurity about our selves not being good enough, rejection, closing our hearts and not fully trusting others to love us. We are in the cycle of defending and masking our vulnerabilities. We close our hearts when there is an opportunity to receive love. We keep repeating the same cycles of separation from our true essence, which is love.

The wound of humanity is feeling that we are not loved. It is one of our existential suffering when we incarnated in the physical world. We felt that we left our Source or God, the spiritual essence of our nature. We became unconscious that we are a soul’s hologram, expansive, infinite and eternal.

We are co-creating an antidote to have a sacred space for those who are still in an unconscious state. We want to help others to open and trust this wisdom as it will lighten the path of those who are burdened with fear.  They are safe to embrace their own shadows and not feel judged for what they have created.

This fear will dissipate when we pierce the veil of the unknown into our conscious state. Wisdom arises when we know that we are operating from compassion for those who have not awakened. We can shift others by seeing them the way they are, and we can shift our own perception by knowing that we are one.

You will stop reacting and begin to respond with love. Like mothers creating a strong bond of trust and vulnerability with their own children, we build a strong foundation of love, trust and vulnerability. When we open our hearts, we open our arms to allow others to love us unconditionally.

We are the prime co-creators of all creation. Can you imagine this magnificent power that we have with the Source? You are a fractal of all that is. It is a gift to co-create with the universal energy and any chaos can be dis-entangle with pure intention from the heart. Ask yourself, what is my intention in creating a harmonious and peaceful relationship with others?

If our intention is to have peace, then we need to know that we have to be at peace first. Our mind is to be congruent with our heart.

Looking at others as your self with love and compassion will help shift the energy of that person. When we shift our perception with compassion, we become a clear conduit of the Source of all that is. It is through these eyes of love that we can create harmony and peace.

In our awakening time, we need to be vigilant in our awareness. Scanning our mind, body and spirit of any vibrations that is low and will not be helpful for our ascension. We have to keep our vibrations in high frequency of love and light.

Ask for help and support from the Benevolent beings of Light, to raise your spirit up. We are never alone, we are always supported by these Ascended Masters, angels and Archangels, and our spiritual teams and guides.

How can we help others if we are not aware of our own weaknesses? First, we have to know our own self. Be authentic and truthful to your self. Be kind and gentle, letting go of harsh judgements about your mistakes. We are human beings; we are here to experience life and lessons. Let us be compassionate and loving towards our selves.

Be one with all that you are seeing that is unconscious. Be lighthearted, and pray for those who are still unconscious of this deep abiding love coming from the Creator. We are one.

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