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The Walls Around Your Heart


What are the walls around your heart? Have you asked yourself this question? To dive deeply into the core of your heart, we need to open and expand how we see and feel things. We can be blindsided by our actions when we are too busy to be still. We do things to accomplish and make a statement in the world. We want to be validated and heard. Our actions speak louder than our words. Deep inside our hearts lies that stillness that is saying “I want to be touched.” We can deceive our own selves but we can not hide from the truth. We are here to be touched and loved by others. These are the most important things in life.

When we become vulnerable and allow ourselves to be intimate with others, we show our true nature. We let go of our walls. We allow this intimate space to be open and feel safe. The things that keep us away from others are layers of hurt feelings from the past and fear of the future commitment. We get stuck from the past hurt and future fear. The present becomes a stalemate. We get hard, we keep our defence and walls around our hearts. How do we let go of these walls?

Steps in opening your heart:

  1. When you are in a relationship with another person, ask yourself “How do I feel about this relationship? Am I vulnerable and open? Do I trust this person?”
  2. Reflect and journal these questions and answers. Open your Akashic Records to heal any karma, blockage, and attachments in your soul’s vibrations.
  3. Create a sacred space and invoke your Ascended Masters and angels to assist you in healing.
  4. Name your fear, acknowledge what are your blockages.
  5. See the opposite of your negative energy and learn the lesson.
  6. Turn it around and know that the key to your openness is the shadow that you are keeping.
  7. Open and share your thoughts and emotions to the other person.
  8. Opening your throat chakra and have that voice to express your truth.
  9. Align your mind and heart to know what you want.
  10. Do not attach any expectation to the outcome. Feel free to express and let go of harsh emotions.

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