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The last time I wrote I noticed it’s been a month already well I guess I was taking my time and space to just be with the flow of my everyday moments…my brother passed away and my time stopped. It was a moment of recollection and reflection on what is important in this lifetime. I was given a chance to be an active participant in his sufferings and I find that I am blessed because he chose me to be his confidant in these times.

Once there was a time that I had a vivid vision of his calling when the angels came to my dream and told me how he was suffering and that he wanted God not to take him because his children needs him. I woke up with this vivid vision of a portal in heaven and the angels surrounding and a voice from this man telling God his sufferings. I can’t grasp this emotional dream and when my phone rung and it was my brother I knew then that this dream was about him. We had a lengthy conversation and he asked me to help him release his sufferings because deep inside he wanted to die, that he can’t take any longer the physical pain of his body. I told him to spend the rest of his days with his family and let them know that they are loved. To let go of the fear of death and to allow the peace in his last days. It wasn’t easy giving this piece of advice because it just confirms to me that I’m losing my brother. But then he needed my affirmation that everything is going to be alright. When I talked to him he was at peace and totally believed that he was in the presence of angels.

The last time I talked to him he was able to see my other siblings and was contented with his life. I was his kidney donor but that never materialized because he was too fragile to have the kidney transplant. The lesson that I learn from losing someone is that there is only this moment you have to create love with your family and friends. If we don’t take the time to do it now we will just wake up one time and realized that it’s our last day. Or we may never even have the time to know this is it…we have come to the last days of our journey.

Life truly is short, enjoy the times you are given and don’t waste it with things that are not important. What truly matters is the love that you create and feel in your heart. The things that are not seen are tangible to the heart and they are the things that truly matters at the end. This is the only time that matters now, not the past for they are gone and not the future for they are illusions. We are here to be aware of these times that are given to us, spend them with love, joy and peace in your heart. Whatever you do, do it with these virtues and you find that your life is filled with these times that are not wasted but blessed and fulfilled.


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