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Trust Your Heart


Our hearts are the wisdom keepers of our souls. When we are attune to the universal love and truth of why we are here, we are able to resonate with the heart’s high frequency of light. It takes a lot of experiences to know what our hearts are telling us to do because we get confused with how our mind works. To align our mind with our heart’s wisdom is the secret to being wholesome and happy.

What is the difference from the voice’s of ego and the heart? The ego speaks from pain, separation, and fear. The heart speaks softly, a place of vulnerability, and oneness. We live in a busy world, hectic mind, and doubting hearts. Becoming vulnerable is a sign of weakness instead of openness and trust. When we are in a relationship, we try to hide these hidden parts that we consider our “shadows”. We fear of being judged, insecure, and not loved. These are energetic imprints from our traumatic experiences from the past.

Healing our hearts Chakra is the most sensitive part of all energy vortex because this is where we try to control hard to hide and put up our walls against others. These blockages, and traumas can come from many places. Our relationships from parents, siblings, society, even past lives contracts and vows. Healing from the Akashic Records bring us the missing links to our bigger picture why we do things the way we do. With the help of the Records we are able to let go, forgive, and release these energetic imprints from all timelines, dimensions, space, and realities.

We are given the opportunities to review our patterns, sacred contracts, and situations with our soul’s perspective. To create new patterns, ways, and conditions in handling challenges. Acknowledging assistance from our Higher power, Spiritual teams and guides, Ascended Masters, angels and benevolent beings of Light we are being supported, guided and loved. Totally surrender your life, mind and heart to this path. Trust your heart and listen to your messengers.

In the heart Chakra, call Ascended Paul de Venetian, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Chamuel to help heal our hearts. Envision the color pink or green and ask for openness, trust, surrender and faith that you will be able to heal your heart and love.

Sacred Prayer: ” I call upon the Masters of light to assist me in opening and healing my heart. To be able to let go of things that does not serve my higher purpose. Things that depletes my energy, time, and existence. I ask to gain directions, clear guidance, and understanding on my soul’s purpose. I now align myself to the higher version of my life and to  serve others. Please fill my heart space  with compassion, love, kindness and gentleness towards myself and others. Thank you, and so it is.””

Blessings of miracles,


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