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Twin Flame Love


There are a lot of informations about this concept and it can be overwhelming to digest. From my personal experience  I am able to make it simple and is on fire to share this to others. This is my new passion, to help others create their long awaiting twin flame.

What is twin flame? It is a perception that a soul both have feminine and masculine energies that separated from the Source and have explore their own unique experiences of the divine’s spark.They incarnate and found each other again in this incarnation and feels different from other relationships. The experience is to ascend in this lifetime together and return to its home which is oneness to the divine infinity. The twin flames are helping humanity to accelerate in their ascension process. As more twin flames meet their divine partners, they will be able to shine more light to our consciousness and raise us into higher vibrations.

As an Akashic Records Soul healer, I had no idea that I was about to experience meeting my twin flame. As I was walking down the street to meet this new date, I felt he was reading and opening my Records. I have never felt this way before. The date turned out quite surreal as he asked me to read his Akashic Records. We had experienced many of our past lives revealed to us. We mirror to each other our selves. He became a healer and I had published my first book. We met our Buddhist Master Garchen Rinpoche and our lives turned for a different twist. It felt like our past lives as monks were triggered and we separated for a year.

I was not ready to fully open my heart. I was scared of being vulnerable and not able to trust. I turned away and did not try to open my heart again. I got myself busy in my business and was focus to turn my passion in creation. After a year of not seeing him, he had asked me to date again and we did. It felt that this time I was more open and was just going in the flow. There was less fear and more fluid and no pressure. I learned not to attach myself to relationship and without expectation to the outcome. Things that are totally opposite from me does not seem to bother me anymore. I went with what the universe was showing me. My partner was going through a lot grief losing his mother and best friend. I did not know what to do. In the past I had a tendency to run away from this kind of stress. Death triggers me a feeling of restlessness and deep sadness. In my heart I can not run away because he was going through a lot.

Until one day, I found another excuse to let go of this relationship. But when my partner had said “you are the one that I want to be with for the rest of my days.” Something triggered within, my walls melt down. I felt this deep sense of safety and security about us. I will not be alone anymore. There is actually someone that will be there for me. I was deeply touched. I did not know that I had this wall. The invincible wall to hide my deep longing to be with some one.

How do you know if you are with your twin flame?

  1. Both of you have deep sense of knowing that you had been together in many lifetimes. Flashbacks of past lives will trigger your current lifetime and you both have to be aware and conscious of this. So it doesn’t create conflict but to open up communication how to learn the lesson from these past contracts.
  2. You mirror each other. You are both healers and have that purpose for service to humanity.
  3. Both of you have similar activities that helps you grow spiritually, emotionally and creatively.
  4. You both have freedom to express and be yourself.
  5. All your past issues will rise in surface, so you can heal them.
  6. You never experienced this open heart before and energetically you are connected.
  7. Feel one another when you are away.
  8. Intense connection that is incomparable to anything else.
  9. You can’t break up no matter how you tried.
  10. You feel your connection is mind boggling at times and terrifying sometimes.

These are some experiences that I had with my twin flame and will further explore as we go through these series.

Twin Flame Blessings!


  1. Hello Teza,

    Thank you for sharing your profound experience with your twin flame! I have noticed as well from my clients that when twin flames come together, they have spontaneous memories from their past lives. This is because they try to remember how they met and how they connected in previous lifetimes. It is such an amazing experience as twin flames feel that someone can deeply understand their biggest strengths and biggest weaknesses.

    That was a wonderful post! Wishing you all best!


    • Author
      Teza Zialcita 2 years ago

      Thank you Zaria, and it is great to meet you here. I am always interested in past lives and how we an learn from these to live an integrated life right now. Hope to meet you someday! Blessings in your work, Teza

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