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Twin Flames

My process of finding my twin soul and sharing my intention to manifest this in your lifetime.

What is a twin flame? this is the primal energetic inseparable forces of creation of our soul from the Source into our existence and everything that contains these twin flames of Divine feminine and Divine masculine energy of love. In simple terms this is not the human partner that we long to have here in our relationships with humans but it is our own energetic soul mate that we have disconnected from when we incarnate in this human form. Our twin flame never left us but it is always here, we are the ones who forgot where this flame of love had been disconnected, because of separation in this field that we are, in the third dimension, we got lost. It’s now the time to come and ask for our twin flame to connect and penetrate our entire being to be one with its most highest deepest feelings of love that we can experience here in our lifetimes. Sending love to our twin flame and opening the doors of our hearts in receiving them back to us.

We are in this era of love and light, there is no more suffering and pain, release anything that is not of light. The shadow will point you towards unity where you need to clear or let go of this victim or saboteur archetypes in your energetic field. Don’t waist your time and energy to stay in this vibration of separation but be aware of where the energetic vampires are sucking or draining you. There is nothing that you can do but be in this “waiting field” so to speak to allow and see how this energies are playing in your lifetimes. You have called this in your creation to help you transcend this heaviness in your heart and body, release and connect to your soul as your twin flame is preparing you to this experience of union and perfect timing of connection. Your thoughts, words and actions will show you where you are in your vibrations and don’t be alarm if things are not going your way because you are learning the lessons of allowing and being in the moment. Healing every aspects of your being, there is more work to be done in this ascension process where there is no shadow but truly a light reflection of where and who you are perceiving yourself is. The more you see others as yourself the more you are in alignment to your soul. There is only love to understand this point of view because the fear and separation only misaligned you into the manifestation of the true love of your soul.

Our twin flame is eager to connect while we are busy analyzing where our life is at this moment. Release the tension and allow the love that is in your life to manifold its gem and treasure anything or anyone that is in your house of love. Relationships are there to understand yourself. You will align to your twin flame when the fire in your hearts ignite this beautiful coming of your soul into its fullness in its creation. This is the time to connect and allow love in your lifetime to fully experience the gift of union with our twin flames. Our souls are longing to be one and we are always one when we become one with our twin flame. The paradox of living in this duality will be in oneness when we self recognized that we have been two in one soul, carrying the energetic force of our twin flame. This is the union of our hearts in the energetic field and create oneness in our experiences in this lifetime.

As the twin flame joins you and fill your heart with this bonding of lasting happiness and bliss, you will be in union with all that is. Your perceptions of life and things will transform and become light. The heaviness that you carry will be lifted and release back to the Source of love and light. You become a vessel of this pure love, understanding and mercy towards others and their journeys towards light. We will be transparent in our thoughts, words and deeds and will come into this space of oneness. There is no more fear but love that will take you in this journey of your soul. The love that you have for yourself will create more love as it abounds through you and it creates a rippling effect around your energetic field. Open your heart, send love to your twin flame, ignite this in your field, create space of oneness, release that is not of light, allow the space of love where your twin flame unites and create this Divine oneness into your soul manifesting in every experiences that you will have in this lifetimes. We are one together with our twin flames, we will create this Divine Light that will lighten others in their paths towards ascension. Live this oneness and our twin flames will continually light our ways and create boundless experiences of love and light.


  1. Erial Ali 4 years ago

    Thank you for your humble,insightful, and warm manner. I felt comforted by your words and inspired to continue to access deeper parts of myself. Blessings!

    • Author
      Teza Zialcita 4 years ago

      Thank you Erial for your wonderful presence! In oneness with the Divine universal energy with you! Blessings of love and light, Teza

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