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Universal Conscious Self



We are multi dimensional light beings living in many parallel lifetimes. It takes awakening, awareness, alignment and activation of these energetic fields for expansion of one’s conscious self to connect to the universe to be attune into this magnitude of vibratory frequency. When we are asleep to our existence, we become blind to our belief systems, unconscious negative beliefs, cellular memories and consciousness of our past traumatic events in our lifetimes. Our veil is not lifted and the physical reality is the only dimension that makes sense. We are beyond this physical reality, we are expansive, multi dimensional, energetically link to all sentient beings and mother Earth and multi universes.

Our Earth has a protection around it’s ionosphere and Earth’s surface called the Schumann Resonance which has the frequency of approximately 7.83 hz. Our brain also has the same wave frequency in Alpha meditative state which is interesting to know. Like our planet Earth, our human body has energy fields and we can ask for protection around us with thoughts and invocation of our Ascended Masters and light beings. When we are awake, we can envision or call this light around us for protection and clearing shadows, negative thoughts and energy.

Everything is energy, thoughts become energy and energy into action. Our crown chakra energy center which seats on top of our head, our brain when open to receive the universal and cosmic light activates the Kundalini to rise. This energy can be awaken and it seats in front of the spine right to the perineum or root chakra energy center, it is very important to ground this energy to Earth. Our neuro pathways become activated and that is why we need to be grounded so we don’t fry our brain cells. The correlation between the Schumann Resonance and our brain Alpha state tells me that when we stand on Earth, the frequency is transmitted to our body system and our brain receives the same electro magnetic fields like the Earth. We align to the Kundalini energy which is conducted when we open our crown chakra and receive the universal and cosmic light. We have to anchor this energy into mother Earth Gaia to manifest our soul’s purpose and heart’s desires.

This is the pathway of energy healers, they are awakened to this energy and become conduits for others to receive this light and energy in their energy fields. Once awakened and veil is lifted, the awareness will bring manifestations of your intentions. Everything is connected to the source of love and light. You will be showing the effortless ways to be in the space of unconditional love and peace. The seeking for enlightenment dissipates and you are align to everything in forms, sound, light and energy. You will develop heightened awareness of your intuition and psychic abilities. There is no fear, shadow or darkness only love and light. Everyone is a soul that is a gift from the universe for you to know or explore. Every soul becomes an essence of unconditional love. You become an instrument for peace and calmness in the space where you are.

The shift that we are in is about our consciousness and our universal conscious self. When we awaken to our connection to the source of everything, we become empowered and we help others transcend their sufferings in this physical lower vibrations of our dense third dimensional bodies. We become the instruments for their remembrance of where they came from. We are from the universe and we are the universe. Every molecular structures and cellular tissues of our physical bodies have the same sub-atomical particles of the universe.

Our Archetypal energies that we carry in this lifetime direct us towards our passion and creations. When we open our Akashic Records we have the access to these blueprints. We realize our missions here, opening our gates to heaven. Paradise is here, we create them in every conscious thoughts and vibratory frequency that we carry in our energetic fields. Be aware of what vibrations you are bringing into your space. Check in and ask yourself, Am I vibrating in love and light? or am I in shadow or darkness. Shadows are just space that lacks light or love. When we are aware of what consciousness we have, we can clear this with the energy of love and light. We have the power to shift anything, circumstances and situations. We are the alchemist in our laboratory of thoughts, emotions and actions.

As we evolve, expand and enlighten our mind, body, heart, spirit and soul we align to the universal mind of God. The universal energy that we connect will give us wisdom and the love for our planet Earth will give us compassion toward all sentient beings. This will give us oneness in all that is, there will be no separation or war. For us to reach this level of enlightenment, we have to awaken ourselves first then we can help others. When we take away the judgement that we put on ourselves, we can be non judgemental about others. We need to be compassionate about ourselves because without this we can not love others unconditionally. We will become universal conscious selves when oneness in the unified consciousness becomes our intention for healing of humanity and our mother Earth.


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