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Unseen Portal of the Soul


I had started teaching Angels Light Attunements last month. Every night, I asked the students to ask for a certain Archangel to bring them to their retreat or home. This month we have Archangel Michael to be with. The other night, I was writing and was exhausted around 2 am. I heard my cat Gaia, wailing and I knew that there were spirits in my home. My cats are my protector and they show me when I had to be aware of some interferences.

Because I was so tired, I did not get up and just ask Archangel Michael for protection and that he will take me to his retreat. I went into a portal. It felt like the Akashic fields as I saw my book of life. It was opened and my guide was saying, “turn the page around and things does not look like the way it seems, have discernment.” Then, I saw a plain green color with an Eye, it felt to me like “Horus”. Then in the other right side of the room were three women. They were coming closer to me, but they were also morphing into darker shadows like wicked witches. I felt horrible. I thought I was going to die. They were hovering around me. It felt like hell. I asked Jesus and the sacred heart to come and assist me. Then I asked Archangel Michael to come, soon these three creatures were frozen. I was able to voice out, fire, fire , fire! I woken up by my loud voice and my cats around me. Gaia was kissing and threading me in my head. I was in shock.

Gotten up in the middle of the night and found out that my cat Gaia threw up all over in the living room. While I was cleaning, it dawned on me that Gaia was already absorbing the toxicity of this nightmare. It entered into his body and was helping me by giving me this signs that I needed to be aware of. This is how loving these creatures are, they are my protectors and lovers.

Wow! what is my take over this? I felt this happened many times before about me facing hell for others souls. Why me? I asked the universe, because I had to be the ambassador to help their souls transmute their shadows. And while I am in this portal, I experienced the torture of their souls. A lot of students had told me that I appear in their dreams and that I saved them for some reasons. This is the mystical journey of my soul. I have no words to explain why this things happened to me, I only have experiences to share. I was sharing this scenario tonight to my close friend. I told him that there is a part of me that wanted to close this kind of teaching because I attracted this type of experiences. But I have no control over this, because it happens for the greatest good of the soul. The human side of me thinks this is enough, I literally closed my business for 9 months few years back because of hellish experiences that I had endured. But after 9 months, I was missing a huge part of my soul. I was not complete. So I decided to continue and here and there I experienced something profound and all I needed to do is to share and know that I am always loved, protected and safe.

How this experience will open your eyes? The truth is we do not have control over our existence. We are vulnerable. Every thoughts or emotions that others bring into their attention, our souls received them. Unconsciously, we are like radio frequency that receives the information good or bad that were thrown to us. I experienced this daily. I am an open portal of information like a universal data bank. Just out of the blue, I will receive pictures of the person and feel the heaviness in my body parts. This indicates to me that this person’s soul is experiencing some shadows in their system and is asking for help in the ether. I knew exactly if its negative or positive. I will receive also information that were meant for me if they were back stubbing me and was throwing at me darts of negative energy.

Then, I send prayers of forgiveness to these souls. That is the only way I know. So in other words, anyone can infiltrate your existence even without your permission. So I have to be vigilant in my knowing, in order to put up a boundary or filter for my protection. It feels like watching a “Harry Potter” movie at times. My existence is to convey these messages to the collective in order to assist us in our multi-dimensional world. I see everything collective. This helps me not to take anything personal. For example, if someone has an ill thoughts about me. I forgive this and I surrender that sacred contract to the universe. I do not take this personal and create the highest good for all. I see the lesson for my soul and realized that this sacred contract of my soul with the other person had brought the highest good for the collective. Everything evolves and the most important part is that it is all love in shadows of illusion. They had co-created with you what their soul needed to step up and learned their lessons. But sometimes others are not ready to face the demons in their head. They keep repeating the same karma. Because the soul is still in infancy stage. They needed to mature and learn forgiveness in many levels to achieve the highest good of their experiences.

I felt I achieved this deeper level when my son Theo died. I shifted to we and felt no judgements for everything that is occurring to my life and others. In the end, Theo had broken open my heart to expand the vessel of love for myself and others. Everything became precious. Time here on earth became a treasure. This unseen portal of the soul is where I am in the mysticism of our journeys. I have no answer to my whys, only the Creator knows and orchestrated the way I receive informations. How I can assimilate and use these various mysteries for the highest good of all is the path that I chose.

Nothing is hidden in the eye of the Soul. We are one. All I can say is that be careful of your thoughts, words, emotions, intentions and actions. They are all being receive by the collective. We want to be conscious co-creators of our Higher Self. Let us be open, vulnerable and authentic how we truly feel about situations and others. To have the courage to speak our truth is freedom from hell that we co-create with others when we withhold informations. We are One vibrating waves of particles in One resonance of frequency appearing as multi-dimensional in the holographic matrices of our souls.

Blessings of love and Light,


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