You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Victim Archetype Energy


” I declare to the Universe that I am empowered, conscious, compassionate, loving sentient being that is experiencing unconditional love and inner peace within myself and others. I now create my conscious choices with full alignment and congruent to my Universal highest potential.”

The Victim Archetype wakes up our collective unconscious to self empowerment. When we experience pain and sufferings we lose sight of our inner strength. We become scattered in our mind. Emotionally we react and blame others for things that did not work for us. We become the victim of our circumstances. We get entangled in the web of our karma cycles that was passed on in our lineage.

When you are in the space of victim consciousness, you feel separated or alienated. You feel that you do not belong. There is no sense of trust. Blaming and projecting to others are the ways of the victim energy. We continue being a victim as long as we don’t recognize that we are the magnet of the situations. When we wake up so to speak, we become aware of the patterns. We need to rewire the way we think things through. We can’t change the way we think with the same mind that created it, we need to transform or shift our consciousness. We can help ourselves become aware of our emotional vibrations to clear our blockages.

When we are in the victim consciousness we are in the negative or lower vibrations of our emotions. These are emotions like anger, anxiety, pain, frustrations, anything that harms and disconnects us to our truth and peaceful state of mind.We transcend this energy by our conscious choices to be empowered.

The paradox of this archetype is that our victim story becomes our tool to transcend our life. We learn our spiritual lesson that we signed in for. There is always a spiritual lesson behind a problem and that is the door of opportunity knocking to help us transcend whatever obstacles we encounter.

We can ask the help of the Ascended Master St. Germain and the Violet flame to help transmute energy that is not of light to become self empowered and conscious light being. When we ask help from our Ascended Masters and spiritual guides we open our flow to this energetic fields of vibrations. Our higher self connects us to our highest potential. We receive the guidance and wisdom that they give us. Opening our Akashic Records to help us guide our soul’s journey is a powerful tool of enlightenment. Clearing our consciousness and directing us to the path of a peaceful and joyful life.

There is a contract that needs to reconcile with this victim consciousness and you have the power to do it. Have the courage to face your fear and do it anyway. Look at the other person as your mirror and become powerful to see the light and share it to other victims who are still in their shadows. Things happen to you in order to transcend your shadow and become the radiant light of this world. When we are aware of our shadows and embrace our ego we become one with the world and others. Our Earth is our school for our spiritual lessons and let’s walk this path towards our truth and love. There is only love and fear is but our shadow to hide beneath this radiant light that we are.

Blessings of miracles,


  1. Kelly Kiss 7 years ago

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful words and for walking the path of Light…Blessings, Kelly

    • Author
      Teza Zialcita 7 years ago

      thank you Kelly for your support and beautiful light! hope to see you again! blessings! Teza

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