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Visionary Archetype


This archetype has a sense of the bigger picture, why things are happening, and what is the highest good of all sentient beings. This is plugging into the universal data bank of the cosmos. A visionary can create solutions for what is occurring, to what seems to be blocking the flow of energy.

It is seeing the portal opening with the alchemical process that is going on as this shift takes a quantum leap and bounds. Accelerating movements of motions into what the intention holds for your creations. When we are focused without wavering faith, we will have a determining outcome into what our seeds have germinated into within the system.

Harvesting is the outcome of the visionaries. They have the information to create from reverse engineering tactics, in which they see the bigger picture and find ways of disentangling the methods of how to reach the result. We first see the end result and reverse how we create this bigger picture. The mind works in opposite tandem of how a human mind works. It has no distractions or interferences, but a laser beam focus on what the result is. With this type of sincere dedication, the process becomes easier to achieve.

Questions to ponder on, how to think like a visionary and what blocks you from having an eagle’s view of your creations:

  1. What is your biggest dream, coming from the heart and soul level? Not thinking of what works or not, just be and tap into your happiness. What makes you happy?
  2. What drives your fuel engine, your passionate dreams? This seed is within the archetype of the inner child that is magical and dreams of things that are wild and free.
  3. Are you stuck? What stops you from doing the things that you want to do passionately? These are illusion markers, mostly coming from the small self or ego. The ego does not want unfamiliar things. It wants to hold onto security. But we are living in uncertainty, groundless and impermanence. There is no time, only now. This present moment and these choices will direct you into motion for your creation. Act now.
  4. Illusions are major points to free yourself, are your thoughts coming from fear based beliefs or love? In order to free yourself of all attachments, you have to practice listening and meditating. This stillness of the mind anchors the universal flow of energy. You will be a receptor of creativity that is beyond your comprehension. You will recognize the doors are open and that it is your declaration to the universe that will create the momentum of this transformation in your shifting of consciousness.
  5. You are stuck in the mundane when you still get attached to the opinions of others around you. Their opinions do not matter. It is your life, and at the end of it all, your relationship with yourself and the Source is truly what matters. Clear conscience. No harm to anyone, but just pure love.
  6. Visionaries have boundless and limitless imagination. Doors are always open without constrictions or limitations. They believe in bigger dreams, the highest perspective, and connect with the higher consciousness. They are creative and powerful magnets of attraction. Because there is no aspect of fear, their vision is plugged into the universal data bank of the Source of all that is.
  7. Grounding is an important part of visionaries as this holds and anchors their higher mind into mother earth’s frequencies. This magnetism is acquired when one has higher cosmic information that can alter your neural transmitters, and can get fried if one is not grounded. This grounding gives you more power and strength for your creations. Remember to ground yourself daily.
  8. Dream big and this will help you fill in the spaces of creation. You will attract the right people at the right time. Divine timing is the universal rule of thumbs. It helps you navigate where there is resistance, and reverses the flow when it happens. The visionary does not waste time, energy and attention on what does not flow. It just turns around or shifts things to create the bigger picture. Always opening doors of opportunities for bigger dreams to come true.
  9. Visionaries are free spirited with no attachments to their creations. They are born to lead and create. Their energies are charged and plugged into a positive flow of life. Opportunities are always there in the midst of challenges. They are optimistic, positive and creators of bigger things.
  10. When you tap into the visionary archetype, you become bigger than what you think you are. You are expansive, aligned, connected to the Source of creations. Appreciative of the gifts that you have, you are content, powerful and joyful in every moment, and for the people that come into your life. You see the gifts of their souls.

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